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Introduction: SAP QM Module abbreviated as Quality Management Module which deals with all traditional functions of quality in an organization. The integration of the SAP QM application allows quality management tasks to be combined with those in other applications such as materials management, production, sales and distribution and cost accounting.

The SAP QM application component in the R/3 System associated with quality planning, inspection and control. Also, it controls the creation of quality certificates and manages problems with the help of quality notifications.

Following are the components available in SAP QM Module:

  • Basic data (ex: material master, catalogs, inspection characteristics, inspection methods and sampling procedures).
  • Inspection planning (inspection plans, reference operation sets, material specifications).
  • QM in procurement.
  • QM in sales and distribution
  • Inspection lot processing
  • Results recording
  • Defects recording
  • Sample management
  • Quality Information System
  • Dynamic modification of the inspection scope
  • Quality certificates
  • Quality notifications
  • Test equipment management
SAP QM Module

What is SAP QM?

QM – Quality Management is an integral part of the logistics function and within the SAP system, it is fully integrated with complementary components including MM – Materials Management, PM – Plant Maintenance and PP – Production Planning. SAP QM Module covers 3 distinct functional areas such as

  • Planning
  • Notifications, and
  • Inspections.

The inspection plan is an important part of the QM planning process in SAP system which allows quality planning tasks to be combined with those of other components such as

  • Materials Management
  • Batch Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Variant Configuration and
  • Cost Accounting.

Quality notifications are used to process & document quality related problems within a standardized process. You can assign a quality notification to an existing QM order to create a new order for the specific notification.

Quality notifications consist of basic header data such as

  • Material
  • Reference Documents
  • Batch Numbers, etc and detailed information about the problem/deviation.

A quality inspection happens when someone in the quality dept inspects an item as determined by the inspection planning functionality. An inspection is based on one or more inspection lots, where a lot is a request to inspect a specific item. We can create the  inspection lots automatically/manually and how you use the inspection lots to process different types of inspections.

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SAP QM Module Course Fee and Duration:

The SAP QM Module Course fees vary from one institution to another institute and the fee range of INR 37K to 4 lacs for a period of 3 to 20 days.

See: Demand Draft (DD) Details

SAP QM Course is Apt for:

  • Candidates with an MBA, B.Tech or M.Tech degree, provided they are aware of prevailing quality standards and have the basic knowledge of computer skills like
  • ERP systems
  • Internet tools and
  • Excel sheets.

Salary Details:

With prior knowledge in SAP , they can enhance their scope of getting smart QM jobs that pay higher salaries

  • Fresher candidates can expect average salaries of INR 2.21 lacs p.a .with a reputed organization
  • Salary packages for more experienced candidates can go up to 2.3 lacs p.a.

Companies like

Accenture Service Pvt. Ltd., Kennametal India Ltd with a salary package of 41.4 lacs per annum, and JSW Ispat (Ispat Industries) with 22 lacs per annum are the top paying organizations

Top 10 SAP QM Interview Questions

  1. What are the different functions in SAP Quality Management?
  2. What is an Inspection plan in QM process?
  3. How many types of testings is there in QM implementation? Give a brief explanation
  4. What is the use of SAP Quality Management system?
  5. Which all modules SAP quality Management QM process is integrated with?
  6. What is Quality notification?
  7. What is difference between inspection method and inspection plan?
  8. What is Quality Management Plan?
  9. What are the Quality Principles?
  10. What are six Mandatory Quality Procedures?

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