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Education is the basic necessity next to food, clothing & shelter. Every person in the world is striving hard to attain a good education. One cannot survive without attaining a proper education. So everyone in the world is showing interest towards education and striving for it. “Right to Education” is the minimum right for every citizen all over the world. Today everyone is seeking good education all over the world. Due to various changes in this competitive world, everyone is showing interest towards education, attaining good knowledge for a good career.

Later new changes are taken place in the society, children also getting aware of valuable education and striving for that. The changes in technology also helping people to prove their talent in their education. Both Government & private sectors are helping students on introducing new courses in which they can easily achieve in their desired career.

Courses after 12th

Basic Education:

Today, class 12 is considered as the basic study. After 12th, “what course should we opt for?” is the question raised by the students. Many courses are introduced for the students depending on the subjects they have in their basic study. They may opt any course depending on the subjects in their basic study, depending on the field they are interested in, depending on the subjects they are interested in etc.

Courses after 12th:        

Are you looking for Courses after 12th? Right, You have reached the destination. Here we updated the list of Courses after 12th available. They are various courses introduced in the educational institutions with various combination of subjects. They may opt for management courses, science courses, courses related to mathematics, courses related to languages etc. Every course will have their own identity. Let us observe some courses in various fields.

  1. Courses in the field of Science:

Engineering: –

This field consists of the following courses:


This field consists of following courses:

  • M.B.B.S.- Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery
  • B.D.S – Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • B.Pharma – Bachelor of Pharma
  • B.Sc. Nursing
  • B.P.T – Bachelor of PhysioTherapy
  • Lab Technician etc.
  1. Degree Courses in Management:

This field consists of the following:

  • B.A.- Bachelor of Arts
  • B.B.A – Bachelor of Business Administration
  • B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce
  • B.Arch – Bachelor of Architecture
  • B.C.A. – Bachelor of Computer Applications etc.
  1. Courses in Business Administration:

This field consists of the following:

  1. Other Courses:

Finally, we conclude that the students can opt their own course in which they have zeal towards their passion and make their career brightful.


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