What to do after Engineering? – Courses after Engineering and Careers

We have various Engineering Courses which have a great demand in India. Some of them have a great scope in India and also in abroad. These provide good career opportunities immediately After Engineering Courses. Let’s look for some of the Engineering courses having good demand in India.

After Engineering

Demandable Engineering Courses

The Engineering courses having great demand irrespective of other courses are as follows:

Courses After Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)

This is one of the demandable course among technology courses. Most probably immediately after completion of B. Tech, the candidates under this courses get good jobs under reputed organizations. But there are various advanced courses and certificate courses to be pursued after Engineering and the students can pursue the certification for their desired one. Let’s look for some of Courses After Engineering in ECE.

M. Tech. in ECENanotechnology
Embedded SystemsPCB Designing
CCNA by CiscoCCNP by Cisco

 Career under the course:

The career after pursuing these courses gives good hope for attaining good jobs in reputed companies with good salary packages ranging between Rs.2.5 lakhs to Rs.5 lakh per annum. The jobs that can be attained under this course include Manufacturing Systems Developer, Electronic Engineer, System Analyst, Software Developer, Network Engineer etc.

Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Computer Science Engineering is a demandable courses among various Engineering which focuses on attaining knowledge of design, implementation and management of information systems both software & hardware. There are various courses that can be pursued Courses After Engineering under Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) which include:

M. Tech with CSESoftware Development
Computer NetworkingMultimedia & Animation
Database AdministrationGraphic Design & Web Design
SAP CoursesDigital Marketing
RoboticsOracle, Java, SQL, C, C++ etc.

Career with the course:

The career after pursuing the courses will be very bright. The students who possess this course can attain good jobs like System analyst, Software Developer, Programming Manager, Computer Architecture, Computer Networking, Animators, Web Designers, Data Administrators and many more under various reputed companies which hire salary packages of Rs.2lacs to Rs.5lacs per annum.

Aeronautical Engineering (AE)

Aeronautical Engineering deals with the detailed study of aircraft systems and design. This engineering study includes both theoretical and practical study of aircraft’s systems, materials, testing and maintenance. Aeronautical engineering covers some other disciplines like aerodynamics, propulsion and avionics among others. There are some Diploma and Post-Graduation courses related to specializations in Aeronautical Engineering which helps the students explore to good career opportunities. Some of Courses After Engineering in AE are as follows:

Master in Spatial EngineeringInstrumentation & Communication
Aerodynamics & Fluid DynamicsAircraft Structures & Materials
Aircraft Control SystemsStructural Analysis
Structural DesignMaster in Aircraft Propulsion etc.

Career with these courses:

Students who possess this course can explore their career towards defence organizations, research centres, and aircraft manufacturing organizations in NASA. The job designations that comes under this course are as follows:

  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Communication Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Water Engineer
  • Mining Engineer
  • Project Designer etc.

Civil Engineering (CE)

Civil Engineering is one of the disciplines under Engineering courses which deals with the process of design, construction and maintenance of physically built or naturally built environment which includes buildings, bridges, roads, dams and canals etc. Civil Engineering comes under public sector through national governments and also private sector from individual homeowners through international companies. Let’s look for some other courses that are helpful to the students to attain jobs under Civil Engineering.

Master in Landscape PlanningMaster in Civil Engineering
M. Tech. in Architectural TechnologyM.E. in Welding Engineering
Construction Supervisor CertificationTechnical Drawing & Designing
Building Design CertificationInterior Designing etc.

 Career with the courses:

These courses help the students to attain jobs in a short span of time under Civil Engineering in well reputed companies with good salary packages. Let’s look for some of the job roles under Civil Engineering (CE).

  • Assistant Executive Engineers
  • Construction Supervisors
  • Research Technicians
  • Executive Engineers
  • Business Analyst
  • Civil Engineers
  • Architects etc.

Now look down for the advanced courses and career under the  courses of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechanical Engineering deals with the study of working of machines using various heavy tools and machineries. This branch of engineering applies various principles in physical and material science for the design, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems under technical areas like distribution of electricity through generators, transformers, lightings and wirings etc. There are some job oriented courses in Mechanical Engineering related to study of these aspects for easy attainment of jobs under reputed companies. Let’s look for some job oriented courses under Mechanical Engineering (ME).

M. Tech. Mechanical EngineeringM. Phil. In Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc. Mechanical EngineeringPG Diploma in Robotics
Kanban CertificationISO Lead Auditor Courses
SPC & SQC CoursesIndustrial Mechanical Engineering etc.

Career with these courses:

The career with these job oriented courses helps us to attain good job opportunities with good job roles with attractive salary packages ranging between Rs.3lacs to Rs.5lacs. Let’s look for the job roles that are attained under these courses.

  • Machine Control Operators
  • Technical Supervisors
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Training Executives
  • Research Analyst
  • Lead Managers
  • Professors Etc.

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