List of Software Engineering Courses in India – Career Information

Software Engineering is the systematic development and application of techniques which lead to the formation of correct & consistent computer software. The Software Engineering Courses which includes Software Engineering Degree, Diploma and Certificate Courses. See our list of the top software engineering courses in India with its eligibility criteria.

Software Engineering Courses

About Software Engineering Course

Software Engineering is a 4 year of study as students of Computer Science. The first year is designed to build up a basic knowledge essential to any computing degree and following years offer to choose their classes from a range of related subjects. Students usually take a work placement between years 3 & 4, prominently expanding their skills and allowing them an intuition into the existing industry. Students of a four-year software engineering course will learn following topics

  • Computer Programming
  • Program design
  • Computer Systems analysis
  • Fundamentals of Hardware
  • Networking
  • Computer Architecture
  • Professional Awareness
  • Mathematics for Computing
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Academic skills for computing

Software Engineering Courses after Graduation

Software engineering is a discipline of engineering which deals for designing software, writing programs for computers or electronic devices. The eligibility to become a software engineer is

  • Completion of B.Tech (computer science and engineering) from a recognized college or university.
  • The candidate who have completed their 3year degree program by pursuing B.Sc. stream.
  • A master degree holder is eligible for software job with masters of MCA, MS.

After completion of your degree program one can search for a job or can avail software related courses to become a professional software engineer. There are a plenty of computer courses available in our country to become a software engineer.

List of Software Engineering Courses and Description

The role of a software engineer deals with coding, designing, developing, implementing and testing. Coding should be on tips for a software engineer.

Coding Courses

To get good command on coding one should learn the programming languages. The process of writing computer programs is called programming. There are a lot of programming languages to be learnt. The programming languages include c programming, c++, c#, ruby, Pascal, python, Perl, Java.

C Programming

C is a general purpose, procedural, imperative language developed by Dennis Ritchie. C language is implemented to develop UNIX operating system.

C++ Language

C++ is a middle level language developed by Bjarne stroustrup. It runs on many platforms such as windows, mac os and unix. By using c++ we can develop video games, mobile apps and apps for windows and linux.


C# is an object oriented language developed by Anders Hejlsberg. It is a simple, general purpose, modern language.


Ruby is a scripting language. It is a server-side interpreted, non-compiled is highly portable language. Ruby can build simulations and can build web applications.


Pascal is a procedural language developed by niklaus writh. It is named in honour of famous French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal. It is algorithm based language.


Python is an open- source, server-side interpreted, non-compiled scripting language. Python can build software and games, build websites, provide database access.


Perl is a general purpose, high level, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Perl is used to write CGI scripts. Graphic user interfaces can be developed by using Perl.


Java is an object oriented programming language. Java was developed by sun microsystems. Java lets you to play online games, upload photos.

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Big Data

It is the latest technology in software field. Big data is defined as a term for data sets which are so large that date processing application software is inadequate to deal with.

Cloud Computing

It is a new form of internet based computing. It is the delivery of computing services- servers, databases, networking, software and more over the internet.

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Web Designing

Web Designing is used to design websites. To design website first we should develop webpages. Webpages are developed by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To develop website php is used.

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Android is defined as complete set of software related for mobile devices, tablets, smart phones, notebooks, set up boxes etc. It contains a Linux based operating system, middleware and key mobile applications.


SAP stands for system, applications, and products in data processing. SAP is especially used for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and data management programs. It is the 4th largest enterprise software. SAP applications are developed by using ABAP (advances business application programming) program.

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Software Testing

Software testing is the process of finding software bugs while executing a program or application. The courses involved in software testing are testing web applications, testing XML, security testing, software quality management, project management, etc.


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