Ophthalmology Courses Details – Syllabus, Duration, Eligibility, Colleges, Career Prospects, etc

Ophthalmology Courses Introduction: There are various medical science courses dealing with different specializations like heart, liver, stomach and intestines, bones, skin etc. And different doctors deal with different specializations and they are named according to the specializations.

For example, Cardiologist for the heart, Orthopaedician for bones, Endocrinologist for stomach & intestinal system, Ophthalmologist or Optometry for eyes etc. Now let’s go with the concept of Ophthalmology.

Ophthalmology Courses

What is Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology is a branch of medical science which deals with anatomy, physiology and also with the problems of eyes. An ophthalmologist is a specialist who deals with surgical eye problems. Ophthalmologists are allowed to provide medical treatment for eyes medically, implement laser therapy and perform incisional surgeries if necessary. Now let’s look for some Ophthalmology courses given below:

Ophthalmology Courses

There are various Ophthalmology courses at various levels i.e. after 12th, graduation and post-graduation etc. The students who are interested in eye care specializations can pursue those courses. Let’s look for some of the Ophthalmology courses at various levels in India.

  • Ophthalmology Courses after 12th:

    The Ophthalmology Courses after 12th include Diploma in Optometry, Degree courses of Optometry & Ophthalmology, Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant etc.

  • Ophthalmology Degree Courses:

    The Ophthalmology Degree Courses include B.Sc. Ophthalmology, B.Sc. Ophthalmic Technicians, B.Sc. Optometry etc.

  • Ophthalmology Advanced Courses:

    The advanced Optometry Courses include M.Sc. Ophthalmology, M.Sc. Optometry, Master of Optometry, M.Ch. Ophthalmology etc.

Until now, we got a look at various Ophthalmology Courses. Now, let’s look for details of B.Sc. Ophthalmology which can be given below:

Scope of B.Sc. Ophthalmology:

The scope for B.Sc. Ophthalmology might be extended due to demand for the course which deals with diagnosis, ocular system, visual instrumentation operations etc. to prevent the eye problems and diseases. Ophthalmologists who are also called as Ophthalmic Technologists or Ophthalmic medical assistants are trained professionals conduct diagnostic eye testing, collect data and assist other ophthalmologists for eye surgeries.  Let’s look out for course details of B.Sc. Ophthalmology which can be furnished below.

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B.Sc. Ophthalmology Course Details:

The course details for B.Sc. Ophthalmology can be furnished as follows:

Course Duration:

The duration for B.Sc. Ophthalmology is completely 3 years.


The eligibility for B.Sc. Ophthalmology is 10 + 2 or any equivalent with Physics Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics as their basic stream.

Fee Structure:

The average fee for B.Sc. Ophthalmology might be Rs.2, 00, 000/- to Rs.4, 00, 000/- for 3 years.

Colleges for B.Sc. Ophthalmology Courses

Though Ophthalmology courses are demandable courses, there are various colleges hiring B.Sc. Ophthalmology in and around India. Let’s look for various colleges for B.Sc. Ophthalmology in India.

  • Government Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh
  • Indira Gandhi Medical College, Himachal Pradesh
  • Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Andhra Pradesh
  • Madras Medical College, Tamil Nadu
  • Father Muller Medical College, Karnataka
  • Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi
  • JSS Medical College, Karnataka etc.

Ophthalmology Courses in Tamil Nadu

There are various courses related to Ophthalmology in various states in India. In Tamil Nadu, there are a few courses related to Ophthalmology. Let’s view some of the Ophthalmology courses in Tamil Nadu.

Ophthalmology Courses in Thiruvananthapuram

There are various courses related to Ophthalmology in Thiruvananthapuram like Bachelor of Science in Ophthalmology, Diploma and Post-graduate diploma programs with duration from 6 months to 3 years respectively. And there are various colleges hiring those courses in Thiruvananthapuram like Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Trivandrum Medical College etc.

Ophthalmology Courses in Kerala

There are various Ophthalmology  Courses available in many states of India. In Kerala, only two courses for Ophthalmology are available viz. B.Sc. Optometry and Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant (DOA). The duration for diploma course is 2 years whereas for B.Sc. Optometry is 4 years including internship. The courses include various theoretical and practical studies relating to different branches of Ophthalmology & Optometry. Colleges that hire for Ophthalmology courses in Kerala are Amala Institute of Medical Colleges, MES Medical College etc.

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