Career Opportunities for Foundation Course – Complete Guide

Foundation Courses: FoundationCourse is mainly preparing the students for the more advanced study of university art and design education. It includes one specific subject or a wide range of subjects. Are you looking for the complete details of Foundation Course and other details of the course, we are providing those details in this article.

Foundation Course

About Foundation Course

Foundation Course is designed to prepare the students for higher education at some colleges and universities in a certain field, for example foundation courses in business, in computer science, in humanities and arts or in science stream. It is mainly conducted in United Kingdom Country. This course introduces a specific subject to the students and prepares them for studying that subject at a higher level. Specifically the foundation course acts as a bridge between the high school educations to its higher education.

Advantages of Foundation Course

  • On completion of the foundation course to be qualified for higher level of education at colleges and universities.
  • There is a scope to learn various languages, because the foundation program include languages also.
  • The candidates can directly approach the educational institution to know more information about various stream subjects and their courses.
  • Anyone can get relevant qualification for their higher studies.

List of Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses after 10th:

Foundation courses are available for 10th class students in different streams, these courses are helpful them to gain knowledge about various subjects or a single subject relating to their further studies.

  • School Exam (CBSE/ICSE)
  • Olympiads
  • JEE and NEET Foundation
  • NTSE

Foundation Courses after 12th:

Online Foundation Courses:

There number of online foundation courses are also available for the students who have completed 12th class examinations.

  • Business Foundation
  • Foundation in Art and Design
  • Foundation Studies Program
  • Foundation Course in Law
  • Math for Computer Science
  • Per-Degree Foundation Diploma in Fashion
  • Foundation in Arts/Science, A levels
  • Sciences- International Foundation
  • Foundation in Arts
  • Foundation Program
  • Certificate of Attain in Foundation Studies
  • Business Foundation
  • Foundation Physiotherapy
  • Foundation Business Management
  • Foundation Automotive Design

Other Foundation Courses:

The foundation courses are available for the students in different disciplines, some are as follows.

  • English Speaking Courses
  • One to one English
  • Purchasing Management
  • International Business
  • Engineering
  • Yoga
  • Grammar
  • Computer Science
  • Principles of Science
  • Indian Civilizations
  • Social and Political Formations
  • Travel and Learn
  • Managerial Economics

Online Foundation Course for Engineering:

Those who want to pursue engineering after their 12th, some foundation courses of engineering are available for them. These foundation courses duration is one year. These courses teaches for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, VITEEE, All types of Engineering Entrances.

Online Foundation Course for Medical:

The students want to pursue medical courses after their 12th one year foundation course is available for them through online. It is useful for NEET (AIPMT), AIIMS, and JIPMER entrances.

Career Opportunities:

On completion of foundation courses number jobs available for the candidates. The career opportunities depend on the course type. Some career options of these candidates are listed below.

  • Educational Institutions
  • Banks
  • Engineering Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Research Center
  • Government Sector Organizations
  • Private Sector


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