Foundation Courses Details: Eligibility, Duration, Syllabus, Courses List, Program Structure, Subjects, Courses after 10th, Types of Courses, Career, Best Institutes etc

This is the article Foundation Courses Details which provides the complete Course Details Such as Requirements, Duration, Fee, Syllabus, Courses List, Career, Jobs, Salary, etc. Read the complete article to get all the required information.


About Foundation Courses:

A course taken at some colleges and universities, either in a wide range of subjects or in one subject at a basic level, preparing students for more advanced study is called as Foundation Course. As per wiki, A foundation course is a preparatory course for university-level art and design education.

Language Requirements for Foundation Programmes:

English language requirements are the only entry requirements for preparation programme application, as

In the U.S., most universities require students a 2.5+ GPA or equivalent, plus TOEFL iBT minimum score between 60 and 80

Foundation Courses List:

There are many Foundation courses available. The Eligibility for this course is 10+2 and the Duration of this Course is 8 months. One need to complete the exam within 3 years. The Subjects that are covered in Foundation Course are:

  • English and Business Communication
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Elements of Business Laws and Management

Foundation Courses after 10th:

Most of the people after the completion of 10th will be in state of dilemma about the career, that what to do?? Which is the best Course? Etc. There are many Foundation Courses available that can be done after 10th. They are:

  • JEE or AIPMT (NEET) Foundation
  • School Exams
  • NTSE
  • Olympiads

Fee Structure:

The fee for these Foundation courses will be around INR 75,000/-

JEE or AIPMT (NEET) Foundation:

The Program Structure of this Course covers various Features and it is having many Benefits such as

  • Online Live Classes
  • Doubt Removal Classes
  • Hard Copy of Study Material is provided’
  • Personal Attention and Focus
  • Time Saving and Economical
  • Global Benchmarking
  • Proper Monitoring and Feedback

Other Foundation Courses:

Apart from the above stated courses, there are some other Courses offered. They are:

  • English Speaking Courses
  • Grammar | IELTS
  • One to one English
  • Yoga
  • Travel and Learn etc

Types of Courses:

There are many Types of Foundation Courses available. Here is List Of Foundation Courses in Material Management.

  • Purchasing Management
  • Supply Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • International Business

Foundation Courses Syllabus:

The Syllabus and Topics covered in these Courses are:

  • Purchasing Management
    • Introduction to Purchasing
    • Supply Planning
    • The Procurement Process
    • Material Receipt & Quality Management
    • Supply Contracts
    • IT tools for Purchasing
  • Supply Management
    • Overview of Supply Management
    • Forecasting and Demand Planning
    • Supply Planning and Manufacturing Control
    • Inventory Management
    • Purchasing and Supplier Management
    • IT tools for SCM
  • Warehouse Management
    • Overview of Warehousing and Inventory Management
    • Warehouse Management
    • Warehouse Administration
    • Inventory Management
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Packaging and Distribution Management
    • IT tools for Warehouse Management
  • International Business
  • Overview of International Business
  • Import Management – Government Policy
  • Import Management – Procedures
  • Export Management – Government Policy
  • Export Management – Procedures
  • Customs Laws and Procedures in Import and Export

These Foundation Courses are offered by many Best Institutes. Search according to the required Courses for more updates.

Career Prospects: 

After the completion of Course there will be many Job Offers. It depends upon the Foundation Course. The most popular jobs held by foundation degree graduates who are in UK employment are:

  • teaching assistants
  • nursery nurses and assistants
  • paramedics
  • sales and retail assistants
  • other teaching and educational professionals
  • nursing auxiliaries and assistants
  • police officers
  • nurses
  • educational support assistants
  • Other managers and proprietors in services.


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