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This is the article Course Hero Details which provides all the details about Course Hero such as Its Log in process, Hacking Videos, Refund, Customer Support, Course Hero Scholarships, Features, Wiki, Reviews,  etc. Read the article to know more Course Hero Details.

Course Hero Details

About Course Hero Details

Course Hero is a crowd sourced online learning platform for students to access study resources like course materials, flashcards, educational videos and tutors. This is as per wiki. If you want any more about Course Hero Details please scroll down the page.

Its educator portal is a micropublishing platform for educators to distribute their educational resources. Course Hero collects and organizes the study materials like Syllabus, Notes, practice exams, problem sets, flashcards, class notes and study guides from users who upload. Users either buy a subscription or upload documents in order to receive membership and access website material.

In 2006 Andrew Grauer founded Course Hero for college students to share lectures, class notes, exams and assignments that usually went ignored.


Here are the features of Course Hero.

  • Study Documents

Course Hero offers access to over 7 million uploaded study documents.

  • Expert Tutors

Course Hero offers 24/7 access to online Expert tutors.

  • Flashcards:

On January 30, 2012, Course Hero launched Optimal Learn, a tool added to the flashcards application that allows students to set a deadline for when they want to master their material.

  • Video Lectures and Educator Platform

This is where educators can openly share knowledge and content through Course Hero

  • Courses

On April 17, 2012, Course Hero launched 22 free online courses in three “learning paths”: Entrepreneurship, Business, and Web Programming.


Before Registering or taking up with any thing one will want to know the Reviews First. Glass door is one of the best ways to know the reviews. Here are the Reviews from Glass Door about Course Hero.


If you have required skills you can make money easily. you get very easy questions to answer by which you can earn easily.


The management will not pay you for your hardwork. If you have money left for withdrawal they will suspend you for no reason. I have mailed to their moderator but no one seems interested in resolving the issue.


Worst company ever i had experience. no pros, only cons.


I worked as tutor with course hero. The company gobble-up my all hardest earned money. They are really a big scammer. Chegg is much better than course hero. Course Hero is a Biggest Scam, Beware of this. they don’t pay to their tutors, who works hard for their student to provide value answer. The company sudden block the tutors who works well and answer more with accuracy. How the company CEO is?

Click here for more Reviews

 Course Hero Hack:  

This can be explained through Videos.


Here in this section we are providing the details of Course Hero Scholarship. The Scholarship for May will be $5000.

Log In Process  

To get access into Course Hero, one need to register and then Login.

If you are Course Hero member you can directly Log in or else you need to Sign up.

Here is the link to log in

Customer Support 

Those who are using Course Hero will often need the support of Course Hero Customer Support. Here is the link for customer Support

If you have faced any Trouble while accessing the Course Hero. You can get the help of Customer Support.

Course Hero Refund

All the issues raised during the access can be resolved with the help of Customer Support. Even though after the support you are not satisfied and just wanted to Cancel your Account, one can request  refund as long as you haven’t unlocked any documents/Q&As or used up any of your tutor credits.


The process of Refund is

Please click on the submit form below and make sure to select Billing>Cancellation Request>Confirm that your email registered and last four digits of your credit card used are correct as shown in the screenshot and your request will be processed as soon as possible.

If you have used unlocks or tutor credits, please allow us at least 24-48 business hours to review your request


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