Yoga Certification Courses Details – Eligibility, Duration, Fee, Subjects, Colleges, etc

Now days so many of us facing many problems regarding health due to work stress, mental illness, and major health issues. To cure all these problems there is a magical remedy from our ancient day’s i.e. YOGA. So, in the present scenario, there is a huge demand for yoga trainers, teachers and for yoga institutes. Here in this article, we are providing you complete information on Yoga Certification Courses, Eligibility, Top Colleges, Career in Yoga, Tips of Yoga and Best Colleges.

Yoga Certification Courses

Yoga in brief

The word “yoga” is originated from Sanskrit which literally means “union”. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practices form our ancient times.

The great philosopher Swamy Vivekananda described yoga as a practice that joins a human to “reality” or “god”.

There is a saying in Bhagavad-Gita about yoga i.e. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”.

The international yoga day is celebrated on June 21st.

Yoga Certification Courses

In yoga, there are many categories of Yoga Certification Courses. They are

  • Certification Course
  • Diploma in Yoga
  • Bachelor’s in Yoga
  • Master’s in Yoga
  • D. in Yoga

Certification Yoga Course

 It is a short course on yoga which gives a brief description of yoga to the learners. After course completion, a certificate is provided.

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum eligibility for this Yoga certification program is 10+2.

Course Duration

The duration of this course is a span of 1year.

Diploma in Yoga

 In this course, the trainee will learn the concepts of yoga and basic asana of yoga. After completion of course, a diploma certificate is awarded to the student.


The eligibility to pursue this course is 10+2 scoring minimum 50% of marks in their 12th standard.


The time period to complete this course is one year.

Important subjects

  • Yogic test
  • Patanjali yoga sutra
  • Yogic practices and yogic therapy
  • Yoga and cultural synthesis
  • Yoga and mental health
  • Practical yoga training

Bachelor’s Degree in Yoga

It is an undergraduate program in yoga. The students will learn a keen understanding of yoga in this degree. After completion of this degree, the students will get a degree certificate and there are many job opportunities. By completing this degree one can become a yoga teacher.


The eligibility of this course is 10+2 scoring minimum of 50% of the marks.


The duration to complete this course is 3years.

Important subjects

  • Hatha yoga
  • Epics and Puranas
  • Vedic chanting and devotional music
  • Ayush
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Project work

Master’s Degree in Yoga

It is a postgraduate program in yoga. This course trains students to develop skills in yoga therapy and to serve people in the society. This course is divided into four semesters. This course helps in fulfilling the need of society to create individuals who are expert in this field.


The eligibility to this course is the students should complete their respective bachelor’s degree and intermediate I n second division with a minimum of 50% of their marks separately in both.


The duration to complete this course is a period of 2years.

Important subjects

  • Basic psychological processes
  • Consciousness and yoga
  • Therapeutic yoga practice
  • Message of Upanishads
  • Case study
  • Presentations, seminars, literature survey

Ph.D. in Yoga

It is a doctorate program in yoga. The main objective of this program is to train yoga teachers to introduce yoga in schools, colleges, universities and research organisations. With a holistic vision of yoga and spiritual lore, it brings about all-around personality development of yoga teachers.


The eligibility to pursue this doctorate program is the completion of a postgraduate program of students.


The duration of this doctorate program is three years and for full time.

Yoga Career and Jobs

  • After completing Yoga Certification Courses one can get a job in hospitals, yoga centres, spa centres, community health clubs etc.
  • By completing this course they can work as a trainer, gym-manager-cum-therapist, clinical psychologist, Panchakarma therapist, research officer etc.

Best Colleges

  • Swamy Vivekananda Yoga Anusadhana Samsthana at Bangalore.
  • Aacharya Academy located at Jodhpur.
  • The university of Patanjali at Haridwar.
  • Bihar school of yoga.
  • Krisnamacharya yoga mandiram situated at Chennai.

Tips for Yoga

  1. Make a daily routine practice of yoga.
  2. Buy yoga accessories.
  3. Stay relax, practice savasana after your practice.
  4. Enjoy your practice.
  5. Choose a comfortable place and convenient time.
  6. Keep your outfit simple.
  7. Include a variety of yoga techniques.
  8. Stay light!
  9. Balance the posture with relaxation/meditation.
  10. Build a small library of books and CDs.


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