Engineering Career Options, Job Descriptions, Scope, Employment Areas, etc

Generally every one said that Engineering is the man’s field, but in reality, a woman can also work in this field. The Engineering courses involve solving problems by using special technical and practical skills. This course is all about maths, science, research, design, maintenance and production.

Every industry depends on mainly the work of engineers. Technological activities will not happen without the engineers. Engineers are the problem solvers who can solve the problems by using maths and science. For more info about Engineering Career please read complete article.

Engineering Career

Scope of Engineering Career:

Those who are looking for Engineering Career let us see complete guide about Engineering Course. The job opportunities for the Engineering graduates have always been good. The engineers can held many jobs both in public and private sectors. There are many branches in engineering field but the students choose only one special branch like Civil, Mechanical, Automotive and Robotics etc. All the engineers need to have strong logical and mathematical skills to solving the technical problems. Due to Infrastructure development of the society the demand for engineers is increased. All the massive industries need professional engineers. As an engineer you can in many places like in an office, in a laboratory, in a factory and even in outer places.

Specialisations/Branches of Engineering:

Here the specialisation courses of Engineering given.

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Higher Education of Engineering:

Master of Technology and Master of Science in Engineering are the master courses of Engineering. There are various branches available in master courses of engineering.

Top Colleges or Universities of Engineering Course:   

  1. IIT Madras – Chennai
  2. IIT Bombay – Mumbai
  3. NIT – Kurukshetra
  4. Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology – New Delhi
  5. Dhirubhai Ambani IICT – Gandhinagar
  6. PSG College of Technology – Coimbatore
  7. College of Engineering, Anna University – Guindy
  8. NIT – Warangal
  9. Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi
  10. Jadavpur University – Calcutta
  11. Presidency University – Bangalore
  12. Punjab Engineering College – Chandigarh
  13. MANIT – Bhopal
  14. Osmania Univ. Engineering of Technology – Hyderabad
  15. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University – Kakinada ……(more)

Job Profiles:                  

The following are the some of the job profiles of Engineers:

Mechanical Engineers job profiles:

  • Engineering, transport, manufacturing
  • Consultancies
  • The Civil Service

Civil Engineer Job Profiles:

  • Buildings
  • Construction dams and canals
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Highway Construction

Computer Science Engineer Job Profiles:

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Computer or Information Research Scientist
  • Computer Programmer

Electrical Engineer Job Profiles:

  • Heating and Ventilation
  • Transportation Networks
  • Production and Distribution Power

Salary Details:  

In this article, we provide you with the salary information of the Engineers. Here we provide only a few engineers salary list:

  • Mechanical Engineer Starter: 20,000-28,000
  • Experienced: 25,000-35,000
  • Civil Engineer Starter: 22,000-30,000
  • Experienced: 28,000-38,000
  • Electrical Engineer Starter: 20,000 -25,000
  • Experienced: 28,000- 40,000
  • Computer Science Engineer Starter: 30,000-40,000
  • Experienced: 35,000-50,000

Employment Areas: 

The Engineers can work in various fields like the construction of dams and buildings, manufacturing units, coastal areas, factories, software companies, power units, medical manufacturing units etc.


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