BSc Food Technology Course Details – Scope, Career, Jobs, Salaries, etc

Food is simple to define as the source of the livelihood for living beings on earth which gives the energy to perform their daily needs. Actually, what is food? – It is a substance used to provide nutrition to our body by any means i.e. either from plant or animals. The food we eat provides us many vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats etc. that are essential to the body of living organisms i.e. either human or animal or any other living organism.  Now let’s learn something about BSc Food Technology Course.

BSc Food Technology Course-Details

About Food Technology:

Food Technology refers to the processing & manufacturing food with high quality at standard levels. The food technologists maintain different methods & techniques in manufacturing food with high quality like preserving, packaging, labelling of food & milk products, vegetables & meat products etc. for providing security to those food products. There are courses related to the concept Food Technology in bachelor courses. Let’s know something about the courses related to Food Technology.

Bachelor of Science in Food Technology:

Bachelor of Science in Food Technology is an attractive course dealing with protection of food products. The course, B.Sc. Food Technology is nothing but a science dealing with manufacturing food products using various scientific and technological methods for keeping food products safe and hygienic through preservation, decaffeination and pasteurisation enhance food productivity. Now, let’s know what are the courses related to B.Sc. Food Technology.

Courses related to BSc Food Technology:

The courses related to B.Sc. Food Technology can be seen hereunder:

  • B.Sc. Food Chemistry
  • B.A. Food and Nutrition
  • B.Sc. Food Management Technology
  • B.Sc. Food Science & Quality Control
  • B.Sc. Food Service Management & Dietrics
  • B.Sc. Food Toxicology
  • B.Sc. (Honors) Food Protection & Packaging Management etc.

Colleges for B.Sc. Food Technology:

There are various colleges for the course B.Sc. Food Technology in India. Students who are interested in B.Sc. Food Technology can opt for the best from the given list of top colleges.

  • Sree Gokulam Arts and Science College, Kerala
  • Baba Farid Institute of Technology, Uttarakhand
  • Aditya Food Technology College, Maharashtra
  • S. University, Uttar Pradesh
  • Sourashtra College, Madurai
  • Bundelkhand University, Jhansi
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi etc.

Post-Graduation courses for B.Sc. Food Technology:

There are various advanced master or post-graduation courses introduced to pursue a high specialisation in the field with respect to B.Sc. Food Technology. Some of the courses which students are interested and can opt for high specialisations are:

  • M.Tech in Food Technology
  • Master of Professional Studies in Dairy Products Technology
  • M.E Biosystems and Food Engineering
  • M.Sc. Food Quality & Assurance
  • M.Sc. Food Biotechnology etc.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for the course of B.Sc. Food Technology is 10+2 with sciences as the basic stream.

Course Duration:

The duration for B.Sc. Food Technology is obviously four consecutive years.

Fee allotted for the course:

The fee allotted for the course may be Rs.30, 000/- for each year.

Various jobs hired for the course:

The jobs that are hired for students of BSc Food Technology are as follows:

  • Food Researcher
  • Food Quality Technician
  • Food Technologist
  • Project Manager
  • Head Chef etc.

Placement Companies:

The placement companies that hire for BSc Food Technology course can be hereunder:

  • Nestle India Ltd.
  • Kissan Industries
  • Britannia Ltd.
  • Hatsun Agro products
  • MTR food products etc

Salary packages:

The salary package in these industries may start from Rs.15,000/-.

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