Business Communication Courses Details – Skills Required, Eligibility, Duration, Fee, Online Course, Syllabus, Career, etc

Introduction to Communication: It is highly impossible to spend a day without communicating with anyone. Communication is defined as the process of exchange of information between two parties which involves expressing ideas, opinions, emotions, facts etc. There are two types of communications such as verbal and non-verbal in which verbal includes oral & written communication and nonverbal is meant for body-language. There are various Communication courses in India. Let’s go through some of the following Business Communication Courses.

About Business Communication Courses

This study program in Business Communication is unique in its category and offers targeted and highly sought-after academic and professional prospects.

Business Communication Course

Business Communication deals with the constant flow of information. Business organizations are very large with employees at various levels. If the employment levels are high, there might be difficulty in managing or controlling of people in the organization. Communication plays an effective role in controlling of people in the organization. Effective communication between superiors and subordinates may lead to success or growth of an organization. There are various Business Communication Courses offered in various modes like online or offline. Some of the online courses are as follows:

Online Courses

The online courses sometimes may be charged and sometimes not charged. First, let’s view some of the online courses of Business Communication Courses.

  • Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools & Applications
  • Effective Communication in Globalized Workspace
  • Professional Skills for International Business
  • Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence
  • Business English: Finance and Economics
  • Business Technology Management etc.

Now let’s look for free online courses for Business Communications.

Free Online Courses

Some of the free online Business Communication Courses are as follows:

  • Developing Effective Business Presentation Skills
  • Supervision Skills- Managing Employee Performance
  • Effective Communication & Sales Techniques
  • Diploma in Business Communication Skills
  • Perception & Non-verbal Communication
  • Fundamentals of Business Writing etc.

Topics Covered in Business Communication

The syllabus for Business Communication can be furnished under:syllabus

  • Reading Skills for Effective Business Communication
  • Developing Oral Business Communication Skills
  • Guidelines for Written Business Communication
  • Internal & External Business Communication
  • Nature of Business Communication
  • Importance of Listening in Workspace
  • Employment Communication etc.

Careers in Business Communication

The careers in Business Communication are compared in the table below.

Public Relations SpecialistAdvertising ManagerMarket Research Analyst
Career OverviewWrite PR copy, develop communications campaignsDevelop projects to promote products or servicesAnalyze and develop marketing strategies
Education RequirementsBachelor’s degreeBachelor’s degree,Bachelor’s degree
Program Length/Duration4 years2-4 years4-6 years
Experience RequiredAt least two years of relevant experienceUp to five years of industry experienceFive years of market research experience
Mean SalaryRoughly $64,050*Roughly $114,700*Roughly $68,700*

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