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English Course Details

About English Course Details

English is a West Germanic language. It is most widely spoken language across the world. It is the official language of around 60 states. It is the most commonly spoken language in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand, and is widely spoken in some areas of the Caribbean, Africa, and South Asia.  It is the third most common native language in the world. It is the most widely learned second language and an official language of the United Nations.

The statistics above state the importance of English Language. There are many courses in English. To know more go through the article.

There are various Types of Courses for English. They are:

  • Englishcourses for Young Learners
  • English courses for the workplace
  • English courses for adults
  • IELTS Preparation Courses
  • Learn English online

English Courses for Adults

These are Courses that are designed for Adults. The Contents of the course are:

  • My English
  • Spoken English
  • Introduction to Creative Writing


The Syllabus differs for each Course. For a sample we are providing the Syllabus of Basic English.

Basics of communication.

  • Introduction to communication.
  • Building Vocabulary.
  • Sentence construction

Basic English Grammar

  • Noun, pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Tenses,
  • Preposition, Articles, Conjunction, Punctuation.
  • Grammar usage in sentences.

Speaking English for the real world

  • Everyday communication – Introduction, Shopping Meeting friends, Traveling, Visiting a doctor Telephonic communication, Negotiation, At the movie Theatre, At the office, Meeting relatives….etc
  • 25 Audio – Video lesson plan covering topics from Real life situation.

Public speaking skills

  • Extempore and Group discussion.
  • Email drafting, Business correspondence.
  • Avoiding spelling mistakes and mispronunciations. Letter writing practice.

Personality Development

  • Manners & Etiquettes.
  • Building confidence and developing presentation skills.
  • Dress code and color pattern.

Interview Skills

  • Resume writing
  • Interview questions

Other English Courses  

There are many types of English Short term Courses. They are:

  • Interview and Resume Writing
  • English for Research Publications
  • Effective Communication
  • English for Career development
  • English Composition
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Journalism English
  • Business English
  • English for Teaching purpose
  • Tricky English
  • Presentation: speaking to the people
  • Adjectives
  • Conjunctions
  • Nouns
  • Academic Literacy

Top 10 Sites

  1. Alison
  2. MOOEC
  3. Future learn
  4. EDX
  5. UDemy
  6. Open learning
  7. Canvas network
  8. Coursera
  9. World Education University
  10. Saylor

Best Institutes in Hyderabad

Here is the list of Top 10 Institutes for English Course.

  1. Institute of English & Foreign Languages (IEFL)
  2. Russell’s Institute Of Spoken English
  3. IELTS Guru Training and Consulting. Best IELTS, PTE, GRE, English Coaching Center in Hyderabad
  4. Vivekananda Institute of Languages IELTS Guru Consulting: Best PTE, IELTS, GRE, English Coaching Centre In Hyderabad
  5. BM English Speaking.
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