Wedding Planning Course Details – Eligibility, Event Management Courses Wiki List, Fees, Duration, Institutes, Syllabus Online, Career, Jobs, Certification etc.

Information about Wedding Planning Courses: Wedding Planning is the profession which involves Design, Planning and management of Client’s Wedding. The demand for these courses is increasing these days because of its career opportunities. Here is the article which provides you the complete information about Wedding Planning Course include Fee Structure, Eligibility, Event Management Courses List, Career, Jobs and Salaries, etc. Go through the article below for more info. Photography is also an essential part of wedding so try to learn that course also. We already provided the photography course details in our previous posts.

Wedding Planning Course

Introduction about Wedding Planning:

Wedding plays a very crucial role in the person’s life. This is most joyful and memorable Phase in one’s life. Wedding needs proper planning and organization. This will be done by wedding planner. One can become a wedding planner by completing the course. The person needs good fashion and design sense. Here is the article which helps you to get info related to Wedding Planning Course.

List of Wedding Planning Course:

There are various courses available in Wedding planning. Here is the list of them.

Various Certification Courses: One can do various certifications to get career in wedding planning. The list of Certification courses are provided here. Have a look.

  • Certificate in wedding Planning

Duration: 6 weeks

  • Certificate in Event Planning

Duration: 12 weeks

  • Certificate in Event Design

Duration: 9 months

  • Diploma in Wedding, Planning, Styling and design

Duration: 6 months

  • Diploma in Event and wedding planning

Duration:  6months

  • Advanced diploma in special event planning

Duration: 9 months

  • Event Designer Master Course

Duration: 9 months

All course material will be provided in the lessons and net links. There are no required materials to purchase before taking the class

Who Can Become Wedding planner:

  • Want to start their own event and wedding planning business
  • Are interested in working with an established event and wedding planning firm
  • Want to work as an in-house planner at an event venue or within a corporate setting
  • Want to achieve maximum income potential by learning how to plan all types of events

Objectives of Wedding planner:

  • Start your own wedding planning company/ firm
  • Creatively ideate, organize, and plan a wedding; present the plan to the prospective bride and groom
  • Handle crisis arising during weddings calmly and professionally
  • Understand different wedding traditions and customs, and their impact on wedding celebrations
  • Understand all logistical and creative elements involved in organizing a wedding
  • Work on international best practices, case studies, and provide excellent service
  • Prepare and execute planned and well-organized wedding checklists
  • Present a financial budget to clients; chalk out a wedding plan based on the tight budget/master the art of convincing the client to increase their budget based on the creative concept and ideas presented.

Courses Online: 

This wedding planning course can also be by online.

This reduces time and we can learn as per our flexibility.

Materials and CDs were also provided Online.

After the successful completion of the course the institutes provide Certification.

Diploma in wedding planning

Duration: 6 Months


Here is the syllabus for Wedding planning with basic contents

Lesson 1: The Business of Planning Weddings

  • Responsibilities of a Wedding Planner
  • What You Need to Get Started
  • Building Your Portfolio

Lesson 2:   Getting Familiar with the Wedding Industry

  • What You Need to Do
  • Things to Remember When Locating Vendors
  • Vendor List Worksheet

Lesson 3: Wedding Budget

  • Who Pays For What?
  • Wedding Budget Worksheet

Lesson 4: The Wedding Consultation

  • The Initial Phone Call
  • Preparing for the Consultation
  • The Consultation
  • What Is Discussed During the Consultation
  • Phone Pre-Consultation Worksheet

Lesson 5: The Wedding Planner Timeline

Wedding Planning Timeline

Lesson 6: Planning the Ceremony

  • The Venue
  • The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
  • Attire
  • Transportation
  • Music
  • Flowers
  • Photographer and Videographer
  • Things to Ask Ceremony Vendors
  • Destination Weddings
  • What You Need
  • Ceremony Site Worksheet
  • Wedding Flowers Worksheet
  • Photographer Worksheet
  • Transportation Worksheet
  • Videographer Worksheet

Lesson 7: Planning the Reception

  • Figuring Out the Budget
  • Important Elements Versus Not So Important
  • The Venue
  • Guests
  • Music
  • Cake
  • Food
  • Games
  • Favors
  • Equipment and Other Rentals
  • After the Reception / The Honeymoon

Lesson Eight: Etiquette and Protocol

  • Invitation Etiquette
  • Wedding Gifts Etiquette
  • If the Wedding Is Cancelled or Postponed
  • If It’s the Bride’s Second Marriage
  • If the Bride Wears Gloves During the Ceremony
  • Ceremony Etiquette
  • Reception Etiquette
  • Weddings of Different Faiths and Cultures

Lesson Nine: Resolving Disputes

  • Disputes With Vendors
  • Disputes with Parents
  • Resolving Receiving Line Disputes
  • Disputes between the Bride and Groom

Lesson Ten: Forms, Floorplans, and Reference Tools

  • Vendor List Worksheet
  • Budget Breakdown Worksheet
  • Wedding Cost Breakdown (2006) Reference Tool
  • Photographer Checklist
  • Wedding Budget Worksheet
  • Phone Pre-Consultation Worksheet

Lesson 11: How to Start Your Wedding Planning Business Right Now

  • Fees
  • Establish Early Relationships with Vendors
  • Get Your Paperwork Together, Including Contracts
  • Practice Consultations
  • Your Portfolio
  • Landing Your First Client
  • Warning About Discounting Your Rate

Fees for Wedding Planning Courses:

The fee is different in various institutes. We recommend going through the official websites.


Here is the list of top and Institutes which offer Wedding planning courses

  • Dream Weddings India Private Limited, MP
  • Impact Education Institute of Event Management, Delhi
  • Indian Institute Of Planning And Management, Gujarat
  • The Wedding Academy, Maharashtra
  • Rachnoutsav Events Academy, Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Kolkata

These are listed based upon various reviews given by students. Get verified all the aspects before selecting the course and institutes.

This is the complete article about Wedding Planning Course Details such as Fees, Eligibility, Jobs, Career etc.  We hope this article provided you all the required information.

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