Short Term Computer Courses Details – Course Name, Eligibility, Duration, etc

Introduction: Technology is playing a crucial role in the world. Technology is used everywhere by everyone for everything. Actually is completely dependent on electrical and electronically by various electronic goods or gadgets. After the invention and development of Technology, every person is interested in using technology in different ways.

Technology made easier to communicate with the people at any time. Various computer and mobile applications like Skype, What Sapp and Facebook etc. act as sources for communications. For the development of Technology, computers and computer courses are helpful. Let’s go through some of the Short Term Computer Courses in relation to technological development.

Short Term Computer Courses

Computer Courses

After the development of Technology, the scope for computer courses is developed to a large extent. In recent years, the computer courses have high demand to attain good employment opportunities. There are some programming languages which play a crucial role in the development of technology. The people who are aware of those programming languages and learn them can gain good knowledge might create wonders in the field of technology. The career with those courses might be bright in the future too. Let’s know some of the main Short Term Computer Courses having scope for good employment opportunities.

  • Basic Courses
  • Advanced Level Courses
  • Courses for Professionals

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Detailed Description about Short Term Computer Courses

A) Basic Courses

Course Name: Certificate Course in Office Automation

Course Contents: Basics of computer, Windows, MS Office, Communicating using the Internet, etc

Eligibility: 10 + 2

Duration: 80 hrs

Course Name: Certificate Course in Soft Skills Communicative English

Course Contents: English Grammar, Letter Writing, Introduction to spoken variety of English, Windows, MS-Office & Internet, Module on Customer Care, Debating services

Eligibility: 10th pass

Duration: 80 hrs

Course Name: Certificate Course in Web Designing

Course Contents: Introduction to Internet & Web, HTML,DHTML, JAVA Script, Flash PhotoShop, CSS Project on Website Development

Eligibility: Knowledge of Basic computer concept

Duration: 80 hrs

B) Advanced Level Courses

Course Name: Certificate Course in ASP.Net with C#

Course Contents: Dot Net framework Using and C# Reviews, OOPs concept using C#, Controls in ASP.Net & ASP. Net objects, User control, Database concepts, Data controls, classes, objects,   DLL’s, Publishing & Deploying Web App, Advance concepts – LinQ, projects

Eligibility: Graduation with knowledge of any programming language

Duration: 120 hrs

Course Name: Certificate course in PC, Hardware & Networking

Course Contents: Introduction to PC H/W, H/W installation and configuration, PC debugging, troubleshooting & maintenance, S/W installation & configuration, Networking basis and configuration

Eligibility: 10 + 2 with Basic knowledge of computer

Duration: 80 hrs

Course Name: Introduction to 2D Animation

Course Contents: Introduction to Multimedia, Introduction to 2D, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Soft skill, Project

Eligibility: 10+2

Duration: 120 hrs

Course Name: Introduction to 3D Creative Design

Course Contents: Introduction to Multimedia, Introduction to 3D, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Concept, Auto-Cad, Max, Project, Examination

Eligibility: 10+2

Duration: 144 hrs

Course Name: Certificate Course in programming through C language

Course Contents: Introduction to C, Data Types & Operators, Looping, Functions, Arrays, Pointers, Structure & Union, Header files, File handling

Eligibility: Basic knowledge of computer & at least 10 + 2

Duration: 80 hrs

Course Name: Certificate Course in Programming in C ++

Course Contents: OOPs concepts, Data types & operator, logical / looping, function & array, class & object, polymorphism, operator / function overloading, File handling operations

Eligibility: 10 + 2 & basic knowledge in programming language

Duration: 80 hrs

C) Courses for Professionals

Course Name: Certificate Course in Core JAVA

Course Contents: Introduction to OOPs, class & object, package & interface, exception handling, multithreading, Applets & AWT controls & Swing, SQL & JDBC, Java I/O

Eligibility: Basic knowledge of computers

Course Name: Certificate course in advanced JAVA (J2EE)

Course Contents: Introduction to core JAVA & J2EE, SQL & JDBC, Beans in Servlet, Introduction to Struts framework, JSP, Hibernation

Eligibility: Basic knowledge of programming language

Course Name: Certificate course in Oracle SQL & PL/SQL

Course Contents: Introduction to RDBMS & ORDBMS, Basic PL/SQL, Control Structure & Procedure & Function, Cursor, Trigger, Exception Handling

Eligibility: 10 + 2 & basic knowledge of DBMS

Course Name: Certificate course in Advanced Development using PHP

Course Contents: Introduction to PHP, Introduction to AJAX, OOPs concept in PHP, Concept in MySQL Database, Data Base programming using PHP and MySQL, concept of CMS

Eligibility: Basic programming knowledge

Course Name: Certificate course in Network Administration

Course Contents: Computer Network, Topology, Protocol, Networking Hardware, Network configuration, Network Addressing, Routing and routed Protocols, VLAN, ACL, Server installation and troubleshooting

Eligibility: 10 + 2 & basic knowledge of Computer

Course Name: Certificate course in System Administration with Linux

Course Contents: Commands, shell programming, managing files & services, user administration, file system administration, disk quota administration, network connectivity, lvm, remote administration, system resources, SELinux etc

Eligibility: 10 + 2 & basic knowledge of Computer

Course Name: Certificate course in Oracle DBA

Course Contents: SQL, oracle architecture, oracle instance, creating database, data dictionary & views, control files, log files, tablespace, storage, structure, managing undo data, table & index, user & privilege, etc

Eligibility: 10 + 2 & basic knowledge of DBMS

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