Master of Science Course Details – M.Sc. Specializations, Eligibility, Syllabus and Career

Master of Science (M.Sc.) is a post-graduation course is typically granted for studies in medicine, engineering and some other sciences and are usually focused on scientific and mathematical subjects. However different universities have different conventions and are also offering the course with various specializations typically considered within humanities, management and social sciences. Let’s look for various specializations under Master of Science Course.

Master of Science Course

Master of Science Course Specializations

Master of Science Course undertakes various specializations under various fields and are listed below:

  • Master of Science in Communication Networks
  • Master of Science in Information Technology
  • Master of Science in Public Administration
  • Master of Science in Computer Sciences
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Mathematics
  • Master of Science in Management
  • Master of Science in Engineering
  • Master of Science in Economics
  • Master of Science in Statistics etc.

Let’s look down for the details of various M.Sc. Specializations.

  • M.Sc. in Information Technology

M.Sc. in Information Technology course provides a technical understanding of evolving technologies in the field of Information Technology with an emphasis on moving technology. The programme is designed to meet the needs of the market for expertise In Information technology. The course enable students to develop their skills and enter into any specialized streams related to Computer Applications and strengthens their skills in subjects like Communication Networking, Database Management, Data Structures and Computer Programming etc.

Course Details:

The duration of the course is 2 years and the eligibility criteria for this course is that the students should possess under-graduation under any specialization or the same specialization under recognized university.


The candidate who opted for this course have a good career with good employment opportunities which include multimedia programmer, applications developer, database administrator, data analyst, games design & developer, information system manager etc. with a good salary packages under many reputed companies and business organizations.

  • M.Sc. in Computer Science

M.Sc. Computer Science is designed to develop the students with technical skills of students, gain knowledge and understand computers and their systems and prepare them for advanced positions in their workforce. The students under this course are engaged with intensive training through lectures, researches and projects. The students are given course work which includes software engineering, mathematical foundations, systems development and artificial intelligence.

Course Details:

The duration of the course is 2 years. The candidates who possess bachelor degree with computer sciences or any other specialization may pursue this course. The course fee may vary in between Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs until the completion of the course.


There is a bright career for the students who opts for Computer Science courses. They can attain jobs like Software Programmer, Technical Analyst, IT consultant, Database Administrator, Web Application Developer and Network Administrator etc. under reputed business organizations, media houses, MNC companies etc. with good salary packages which range between Rs.30, 000/- to Rs.60, 000/- p.m. and more.

  • M.Sc. in Mathematics

M.Sc. Mathematics is a post-graduation course which deals with the study of quantity, space, structure and change. The course lies in understanding of different types of mathematical topics like algebra, calculus, number theory, differential calculus, algorithms etc. This master degree tends to have focus on analysis of theory rather than practical applications of mathematics.

Course Details:

The duration of the course is 2 years with B.Sc. Mathematics as the basic requirement which is possessed under recognized university with aggregate of 70%. The course fee may range between Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.3 lakhs until the completion of the course.


The jobs that come under the course are Actuarial Professionals, Bankers, Financers, Statisticians & IT developers, Accountants, Operational Research Managers etc. and the salary packages may range in between Rs.2lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs.

  • M.Sc. in Management

M.Sc. in Management gives the students in-depth knowledge of various management techniques in different business transactions or situations which mainly include finance, accounts, operations management, business ethics, managerial accounting etc. The students learn to conduct methodological research in management issues to devise own concepts incisively and effectively. The programme encompasses with the international issues and diverse national business characteristics and settings.

Course Details:

The eligibility criteria for this post-graduate course is graduation with any specialization under recognized university with aggregate of 65%. The course fee may be Rs.1 lakh to 2 lakhs and may vary according to universities.


Candidates who pursue may attain good career under M.Sc. Management course. They may attain employment in both government, public and private sectors with good salary packages ranging between Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.5lakhs per annum.

  • M.Sc. in Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering is a post-graduation study with specialization of various engineering specializations like Engineering Physics, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Civil Engineering, Digital Engineering and Mechanical Engineering etc. M.Sc. Engineering deals with the design, maintenance, optimization and creation of machines and systems and the students who pursue this course gain knowledge in different aspects including mathematics and advanced problem-solving.

Course Details:

The eligibility of this post-graduation course is that the students should complete their bachelor degree or graduation under a recognized university with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as their basic stream and with the aggregate of 65%.


Career opportunities are same for the students who pursue ME courses and M.Sc. Engineering courses. They may obtain job roles like Systems Engineers, Civil Engineers, Chemical Process Engineers and Research Analyst etc. with good salary packages with Rs.60, 000/- toRs.1lakh per month.

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