ICET Preparation Tips, Tricks and Techniques – Complete Details

About ICET Exam: Integrated Common Entrance Test (ICET) is conducted mainly for admission into MBA & MCA Courses. The various exams types mentioned above deal with admissions for various science and management courses as ICET do. The students who are willing to pursue Master in Business Administration (MBA) as well as Master in Computer Applications (MCA) can apply for the exam after notification is advertised in newspapers or websites in which the notification contains information regarding ICET with a linking website and important dates for registration & submission of applications, fee payments, date of exam, ICET Preparation Tips etc.

ICET Preparation Tips

ICET Exam Details

The ICET Exam which is used to attain entrance in MBA and MCA Courses. The ICET Exam Details includes the contents like duration of the test, eligibility, fee structure, syllabus, paper pattern, ICET Preparation Tips etc.

Fee for ICET

The complete details regarding ICET exam will be given in the notification itself.  And the students who take coaching for ICET exams in tutorials or colleges either short-term or long-term will have a special fee. Although it’s secondary, it’s mentioned below along with ICET notification fee details. Let’s look at all those details regarding ICET examinations.

  • The fee mentioned for ICET exam in the notification may be Rs.500/-.
  • The tutorial fee in which the students opt coaching for the exam may be Rs.3, 000/- & Rs.7, 000/- for short-term and long-term coaching respectively.

ICET Syllabus

The syllabus for ICET can be mentioned by the Government immediately after the notification for ICET is released. The syllabus for ICET can be furnished below:

  • Communication Ability:- Computer & Business Concepts, English Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Mathematical Aptitude:- Numerical & Statistical Ability, Arithmetic & Reasoning Ability, Algebra & Geometrical Ability
  • Analytical Aptitude:- Problem Solving and Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency

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ICET Preparation Tips

There are various instructions given to the students who prepare for ICET which are also called as tips.  The instructions or tips are necessary for every student who tend to attend the competitive exams like ICET. Those tips are very helpful for the students even before and after preparation of exams. Let’s look at the ICET Preparation Tips which are helpful during preparation of ICET exams.

  1. Firstly, the students should go through the notification carefully and keep in mind the important dates for submitting the online application, modes of fee payment, examination dates etc.
  2. Next, he/she should implement everything mentioned in the notification i.e. submitting application online, pay the fee for the exam either online or offline etc.
  3. If the student tends to obtain coaching for ICET, then he should search for best colleges or tutorials or training institutes and opt according to their availability.
  4. If the student tends to self-preparation, then he should choose and purchase standard or best series books for ICET preparation.
  5. The candidate should practice all the concepts mentioned in the syllabus thoroughly by keeping time limit.
  6. A good preparation leads to the good score for any student in any examination.
  7. So good preparation is best for attaining a good score in the examinations.
  8. If any doubts arise, the students may contact their lecturers who are specialized in those subjects or concepts. Clearing off doubts makes the students refresh their mind and help to think logical.
  9. Time Management and concentration are the essential requirements for students for attaining good results in exams.
  10. Each concept may have different weightage. The students should go through the weightages of various concepts and should be aware of cut-off marks mentioned in exam pattern of notification.
  11. The students should go through all model papers and previous exam papers which help them to think logical and attain a good score.
  12. While practising model papers, the candidate should feel that “I’m in the examination hall” and do their best in the exams by managing time properly.
  13. Whatever the mode of the examination (online/offline), the candidates should be alert and prepare well for the exam.
  14. Before preparation itself, the students should keep in mind the goal of attaining good score and qualify in the exam.
  15. Before few days of the exam, the students should leave the books and get relaxed.
  16. They should dream of the best college, career and so on.
  17. The candidates should not commit any malpractice in the examination hall during the exam.
  18. They should face the exam happily and confidently by keeping all the methods and procedures for solving the problems.
  19. During the exam, the students should perform various calculations for problem-solving. There will be a requirement for the students for performing calculations in the booklet.
  20. While performing calculations, a left thumb should be left for margin and perform calculations.
  21. Every problem will have two solutions. If one is not possible, the student should choose another alternative, think logically and solve the problem.
  22. If any student conducts malpractice or misrepresentation and caught red-handed, the person’s candidature will be cancelled at least for 3 years.
  23. So students are careful and attend the exams without losing your candidature.


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