Diploma in Material Management Course Details – Scope, Career Path and Jobs

Diploma in Material Management – Materials Management plays a crucial role in logistics and deals with the tangible components of supply chain. It is a scientific technique, which is concerned with planning, organizing and control flow of materials form their initial purchase to final destination. If you want to know more information material management and Diploma course details like eligibility, duration, syllabus, career path, jobs and recruitment areas etc, let’s read article.

Diploma in Material Management

What is Material Management?

Material Management is a procedure which helps for planning, organizing and controlling of all those activities concerned with the flow of materials into any organization. It helps to minimize various costs like inventory, purchasing, material handling and distribution costs.

The material management includes all the aspects of materials like material cost, material supply and utilization of materials etc. It is also deals with activities like storing, handling, controlling and distribution.

Objectives of Material Management

Let’s discuss some major objectives of Material Management below.

  • To purchase best quality goods at minimum cost.
  • To develop good relationships with all kinds of suppliers.
  • To control the usage of materials.
  • Ro be helpful in new product development.
  • To maintain quality of product which encourages the continuity of production and regular supply of materials.
  • Maintains the standards of quality.

Diploma in Material Management Course Details

This course is diploma level Material Science and Engineering course. This diploma program will helps the students to understand the importance of materials department in an organization and develop themselves in this competitive business world.


Diploma in Material Management is one year academic course. Sometimes the time period vary from one college to another.


To pursue this course one should complete their 10+2 examination or its equivalent exam from a recognized board.


Here we are providing you some important topics of Diploma in Material Management course.syllabus

  • Purchase Management and Vendor Development
  • Business Laws
  • International Trade
  • Inventory and Stores Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Distance Education

This diploma program enables the students to improve the business management and material management skills in the field of business administration with specialization in materials management.


The duration to complete this diploma course is one year and divided into two semesters.


The basic qualification for this course is 10+2 or its equivalent.


Semester 1:

  • Management Information Systems
  • Corporate Communication
  • Business, Government and Society
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Semester 2:

  • Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management
  • Material and Store Management
  • Material and Store Management
  • Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management

Top Diploma in Material Management Colleges in India:location


  • Apex Institute of Management, Nagpur
  • Central India Institute of Management Studies, Jabalpur
  • Bhabha Institute of Management Science, Alwar
  • Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade, Lucknow
  • Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune
  • Divine College of Management Studies, Kochi
  • Indian Institute of Material Management, Delhi
  • MIT School of Distance Education, Nagpur
  • International School of Management Sciences, Bangalore

Career Path:

Scarcity of valuable resources have made materials management as one of the growing and promising career options in India. The material management candidates can be employed in purchasing, storing and supplying departments of defense, railways, public transport etc. They also can find lucrative employment opportunities in industrial establishments, corporate houses, supply chain industries and private transporters etc.

Recruitment Areas 

After successful completion of diploma in Material management course, the candidates can get good job opportunities in public and private supply chain management companies as well as material management and retail industries.

View some recruitment areas of diploma holders of material management listed below.

  • Academic Institutions
  • Supply Chain Industries
  • Railways
  • Corporate Houses
  • Public Transportations and
  • Defense

 Job Profiles

  • Material Scientist
  • Research Associate
  • Trainee
  • Material Science Manager
  • Vendor Development Officer
  • Material Handler

Salary Package

The fresh diploma candidate of material management can earn approximately Rs.12k-18k per month after gaining experience the candidate can get around Rs.25-30 per month.

The figure will be increased depending upon the profile and working experience of the candidate.

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