Computer Repair Courses Details – Eligibility, Fee, Duration, Syllabus, Income, Repair and Maintenance programs, Certification, Pdfs, etc.

Computer Repair Courses Details: Computer Repair is also called as Computer Maintenance. It is the process of resolving all the problems related to computer. This requires Training by courses. Here is the article which provides Computer Repair Courses Details such as Courses, Online Free Courses, and Income etc.

Computer Repair Course Details

Information about Computer Repair Courses:

Computer Maintenance or Computer Repair is the process of keeping the computers in Good State. It involves physically cleaning the interior and exterior of a computer, including the removal of debris from cooling fans, power supplies, and other hardware components. One can do these without any training. But there will be some complex issues, solving of which require proper Training. Otherwise one may get loss. Everyone know how to use computer but not how to repair it. So there will be demand all the time. This complete knowledge of Repairing will be given in Courses. So, one who is having interest can read this article, to know the complete details.

Computer Repair Courses:

Before going into list of Computer Repair Courses, let us have a look at tasks to be done by A Computer Repair Technician.

  • Dealing with and replacing defective parts
  • Swapping out computer subsystems like hard drives, adapters and other components
  • Being available during weekend, holiday or evening hours to keep all sorts of computer systems running
  • Answering questions and finding solutions for people learning how to use a computer or that are adjusting to an unfamiliar system

Repair Courses: There are various Types of Computer Repair Courses. They are

  • Certificate Programs in Computer Repair:

Type: Certification Courses

It includes Motherboards, Understanding computer storage, Networking, Portable computers, Local and networked printers

  • Associate’s Degree in Computer Repair Technology

Duration: 2 years

Syllabus: The curriculum of the courses includes Alternating and direct currents, Digital circuitry, Telecommunications, Computer networking, Programming and processing basics

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Computer Repair

Level: Under Graduate

Duration: 4 years

One can learn Programming languages, Computer algorithms, Database architecture, and Artificial intelligence systems

Online Courses:

Apart from academic courses, there are few Online Courses Available. Here is the list

  • Computer Troubleshooting Course
  • IT Help Desk Support Course
  • PC Hardware Basics Course
  • Introduction to the Information Age Course
  • Networking Course
  • Operating Systems Course
  • Advanced Database Technology Course
  • Applied Ethics Course
  • Computer Security Course

The fee for these courses is less. Materials and certifications will also be provided.

Pdf will also be provided. We will provide the best here soon.

Free Online Computer Repair Courses:

Above listed Online Courses charge some fee. But for those who can’t afford the fee can go for these online free Courses offered by those institutes. Here is the list.

  • com
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Microsoft

Eligibility Criteria:

There is no particular requirement. Anyone with interest and basic Knowledge can do these courses.

Fee Structure:

The Fee Structure is different for various courses in various institutes. We recommend you to go and refer the official site so as to get accurate info.

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Learn Computer Repair at home:

These courses are for beginners and not for experts.

This course helps in fixing basic problems.

We can learn at any of our leisure time.

Income Details:

The income will be more for the persons who work as a technician. It will be around $ 47,000.

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