About Medical Transcription Career – Wiki info, Online Courses, Skills, Required Typing Speed, Syllabus pdf, etc

Medical Transcription Course Details: This is the article explains About Medical Transcription Career. This article provides the complete information about the Medical Transcription Course Details such as Online Courses, Skills, Required Typing Speed, Syllabus pdf, Fee, Duration, and Scope etc. Read the complete article to get all the details.

About Medical Transcription Career

About Medical Transcription Career

Medical transcription, this is shortly termed as MT, this is related health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals, into text format. This is as per Wiki.  There is a huge demand for the Courses as it provides bright Career. So people search for MT details. So we came up with an article to provide you all the information. Go Through this.

Medical Transcription Course Details

The Course Medical Transcription is offered by many Institutes. Doing Course is essential so to get the required Skills to become a Medical Transcriptionist. These Courses initially Train on the Medical Terminologies and Good Typing Speed. Later the courses go into deep of the contents. The Course will be carried out up to 6 Months. The Course provides both Classroom and laboratory Training.

Fee Structure

The Fees varies from one institute to other. But on average Rs. 7000/- to 15,000/- will be charged for the course.

Duration of Course

The Minimum Duration of the Medical transcription course is 6 Months. The Courses are provided in 2 ways. They are offline and Online. Offline is more suggestible as it provides the way to directly interact with those who teach us. Online is beneficial for House wives those who can’t go somewhere to learn and wanted to work from home.

Required Typing Speed

To become a Medical transcriptionist the person requires particular Typing speed. That is Approx 40 WPM ( 40 Words Per Minute ) at level of QA it will Become 60 WPM/

 Skills Required to Become An MT

There are some Skills required to become an MT. They are:

  • Work in Shortcuts: Understanding Short cut Keys in Windows: This is Part of training also in course material there are some pages on this also where is written about cut, copy, paste command of windows which are CTR+X ( Cut ), CTR+C ( Copy ), CTR+C ( Paste ).
  • Excellent listening comprehension: Try to listen to voices with background sound & make the sense of the lines.
  • Word Processing software like Microsoft word: We can make macros to automate all the same writing lines.
  • Medical terminology: In this section, candidates must be able to understand the human body and associated components related disease, Drugs to cure them, Treatment to take.

Syllabus Pdf for Medical Transcription Course  

The Syllabus contains many Topics and Modules. For a sample, we are providing few Modules.

Modules 1:

  • Basics of Medical Transcription
    • Analysis of Sample Medical Reports
    • Understanding Medical Reference Library
    • Ethics and Confidentiality/ HIPAA Laws
    • Legal Aspects of Healthcare Records
    • Proper Ergonomics for the Medical Transcriptionist
    • Importance of Quality MT Education
    • Study Tips

MODULE 2: MT Basics
• Introduction to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Clients
• The Future of Medical Transcription
• Hospital Medical Reports
• Preparation of a History & Physical
• Clinic Medical Reports
• Formats
• Organizing the Information
• Proofreading and Editing
• Basic Formatting Guidelines
• Flagging and Blanks
• Transcribing Foreign Dictators
• Methods of Line Counting

List of MT Online Courses

As we have discussed above Online Courses are beneficial for House Wives. We now provide the details of Courses Online that are available which are providing by various websites. Here is the list of various Online Courses. Have a look.

  • Medical Terminology
  • Pharmacology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pathology
  • Medical Theories and Techniques
  • Basic Transcription
  • Medical Grammar and Style
  • Keyboarding
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Speech Recognition Editing

Medical Transcription Courses in India

Here in this section, we are providing the list of Top 10 Institutes for Medical Transcription Courses in India. They are as follows

  1. Medical Transcription Training India, Delhi
  2. HQMT Medical Transcription & Coding Training Institute, Bangalore
  3. Azimuth Academy, Pondicherry
  4. Medical Transcription Training, Hyderabad
  5. Academy Of Medical Transcription, Delhi
  6. Ascent Business Solutions – Medical Transcription Nagpur, India, Nagpur
  7. Medical Transcription & Billing Services India -Prexus Health India, Gurgaon
  8. Renaissance School Of Medical Transcription, Punjab
  9. Acusis Software India Pvt Ltd – Bangalore
  10. Millennium Business Solutions India, Kolkata
  11. Indian Healthcare BPO, Bangalore

Career Prospects

After the completion of Medical Transcription Course, there will be many Job offers. In the field of MT there is a golden chance of Working from home. One can get Jobs at home with high Salary.

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