Physicians – Types, Qualities of Physicians and Working Areas

A Physician is a medical practitioner and doctor who is professional in medical practices concerned with promoting, maintaining and restoring health by means of diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries and other physical and mental impairments.

Physicians primarily focus their practice towards certain categories of diseases, methods of treatment and types of patients who are also known as Specialists and these people provide comprehensive medical care to families, families and communities and this type of medical is called as general practice.

PhysiciansTypes of Physicians

Physicians play a major role in society in diagnosing and treating major or minor illness. There are different types of Physicians depending on variety of factors including medical specialization or patient population. Look down for some of the types of Physicians you look in the society.

  • Obstetrician/ Gynecologist:

The physician who deals with the field of obstetrics and gynecology is called an Obstetrician or Gynecologist. These Physicians are specialized within the field of obstetrics and gynecology which studies about maternal fetal medicine or reproductive endocrinology. The categories under this field includes ultrasound technician, nursery midwife and doula.

  • Primary Care Physicians (Internal Medicine):

Physical Care Physicians who are also known as Internists are typically generalists who cover a broad scope of medicine which include disease prevention, management of chronic conditions & illness and total body wellness. Diabetes, Hypertension, cold and flu are some of the issues that the physicians treat, help and manage on regular basis. They treat adults, adolescents and elderly as well.

  • Endocrinologist:

A specialized physician who is specialized in Endocrinology is called Endocrinologist and these people are trained in treating the hormone system of body which includes ductless glands of internal secretion such as thyroid, pituitary, adrenal glands, pancreas and some other glands in reproductive organs of men & women. Endocrinologists diagnose, treat and manage some common issues like diabetes, irregular metabolism, weight issues and growth disorders in children etc.

  • Pulmonologist:

Pulmonology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, conditions & abnormalities of lungs and cardio-pulmonary system which consists of heart, lungs, blood vessels and all other organs that work together person breathe in order to take in oxygen and oxygenate the blood and pulmonologists treat with all those breathing disorders and are specialized in treatment of sleep disorders, severe allergies and other lung conditions & diseases.

  • Hospitalist:

Hospitalists are physicians who treats patients in hospital taking personal care of patients. Most of the hospitalists are trained as internal medicine physicians although some family practice physicians might become hospitalists and are typically employed by a hospital or by hospitalist contracting company.

Qualities of Physicians

Physicians are originated from diverse backgrounds and opinions yet to share several characteristics which include communication skills, critical thinking, compassion, presence and resilience.

Communication Skills:

Listening, body language and voice express information either in verbal or non-verbal form. Working of a medicine is dependent upon the communication of ideas or concepts or orders. Speaking in correct tone or language is the integral part of communication system.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking assesses volume of data quickly from working conclusion using deductive reasoning and inferences based on knowledge and experience. No two patients are same even though their treatment is same. The patient or an individual is evaluated specially and treat accordingly.


Compassion is a feeling which is more than kindness and civility. It is a kind of sympathy that can be for self, patients, colleagues and co-workers irrespective of caste, creed, race and personal behavior. Patients seek physician’s counsel for warmth and undertaking not merely for medical expertise.


Passion makes everyone run a discipline and makes willing to sacrifice other opportunities to better their career and life. If the physicians shows dedication in order to improve the lives of others and spend long time hovering over patient’s charts, then they are said to be in a right profession.


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