Textile Engineering Course Details- Admissions, Eligibility, Subjects, Fees, Jobs etc

If you want to choose a different career in engineering field then there is a unique course in engineering stream that is Textile Engineering Course. It is a unique course opted by less number of candidates. It is a big research field of technology. In this post, we have given entire Textile Engineering Course details regarding eligibility, duration, courses, jobs, colleges etc.

Textile Engineering Course Details

About Textile Engineering Course 

Textile engineering is the science that involves in the process of textile manufacturing which deals with all activities and methods. Textile engineering spins around the garment, colour and fabric lines in industries. This engineering stream mainly focuses on textile manufacturing from the production and processing of raw materials to printing and merchandising.

Specialisation Fields in Textile Engineering

  • Technical textiles
  • Computer application in textile
  • Yarn and non-woven technology
  • Fiber science technology
  • Coloration technology
  • Knitting and knit CAD
  • Textile materials and performance evaluation
  • Weaving and weave CAD

Textile Engineering Course List

Here you can check the list of Textile Engineering Ccourse details.

  1. Diploma courses
  2. Under graduation courses
  3. Post-graduation courses
  4. Ph.D. courses

Diploma Courses

It is a diploma course in textile engineering. This diploma course covers all aspects of fiber, textile, process, apparels and machinery using the applications of scientific and engineering principles.


The eligibility to pursue this course is the completion of 10th standard from a recognised school.


The time period to complete this diploma course is 3years.

Important subjects

The course involves both theory and practical knowledge

Theory subjects

  • English communication I&II
  • Engineering drawing
  • Organic chemistry
  • Elements of textile technology
  • Bleaching technology
  • Printing and dyeing technology
  • Mechanical engineering for textiles

Practical labs

  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Workshop Practice
  • Communications Lab

Under Graduation Courses

B.E/B.Tech in textile engineering comes under UG courses in textile engineering. This course also draws the background of some engineering disciplines. In this course natural and man-made materials, energy conservation etc. are included. The candidates who want to pursue this course should have skills like logical thinking, flexibility to understand, creativity, patience, organising ability etc.


 The candidate must pass the 10+2 exam with minimum 60% of the total marks with science subjects in their intermediate field.

To admission in IITs an entrance exam JEE is conducted and the seat is allocated to the candidate based on merit list.

In some reputed colleges and universities, an entrance test is conducted by the respective colleges.


The duration to complete this course is 4years which consists of eight semesters.

Important subjects

The course consists of both theory and practical session.

Theory subjects

  • Textile fiber
  • Yarn manufacture
  • Polymer and fiber science
  • Fabric structure and analysis
  • Elements of instrumentation and control engineering
  • Elements of computer graphics
  • Textile chemical processing
  • Textile testing
  • Post spinning operation
  • Clothing science

Practical labs

  • Textile fiber lab
  • Yarn manufacture lab
  • Knitting technology lab
  • Industrial training

Post-graduation Courses

M.Tech in textile engineering comes under post-graduation course in textile engineering. This engineering degree offers unique education and research opportunities within the domain of textile materials, technologies and structures.


The candidate should have a B.Tech degree with an average of 55% marks from their UG course.

Some reputed colleges and universities conduct a separate entrance test.


The duration to complete this master’s degree program is 2years.

Important subjects

  • Unconventional weaving
  • Modern yarn production
  • Engineering properties of textile materials
  • High speed computation
  • Theory and design of weaving machinery
  • Theory and design of spinning machinery

Ph.D. Courses

It is a doctorate course in textile engineering. The duration of this course is 5years. Students who have completed their master’s degree in textile engineering can pursue this doctorate program. After completion of this program, a student can prefix “dr” title to their name.

Job Types of Textile Engineer

  • Medical textile engineers
  • Textile designer
  • Researchers
  • Process engineer
  • Operations Trainee
  • Marketing professional
  • Plant supervisor
  • Quality control supervisor
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Lecturers

Employment Areas

As it is a unique course there is a huge demand in employment areas for this course. The employment areas include textile industries, Mysore silk, Raymond group, JCT mills, Bombay dyeing, fabindia, arvind mills ltd., mafatlal denim etc.

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