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Control Systems Engineering Books

Control systems engineering or Control engineering is one of the important engineering parts of electrical engineering. It applies automatic control theory to design systems with desired behaviors in control environments.

Some of the important topics of Control System Engineering are as follows:

  • Introduction to Control system
  • Scope of Control System Engineer
  • Classification of Control System
  • Historical development of Control system
  • Analogues systems
  • Transfer function of Systems
  • Block diagram representation
  • Signal Flow Graph(SFG)
  • Feedback Characteristics of Control systems and sensitivity measures
  • The Concept of Feedback and Closed loop control
  • Merits of using Feedback control system
  • Regenerative Feedback
  • Control System Components

  • Potentiometers
  • DC and AC Servomotors
  • Tachometers
  • Amplidyne
  • Hydralulic systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Stepper Motors
  • Time Domain Performance Analysis of Linear Control Systems
  • Standard Test Signals
  • Time response of 1st order Systems

Download Control Systems Engineering Books:

We are providing the Control Systems Engineering Books is a tabular format.

Book Name Author Download
Control Engineering Problems with Solutions  Derek P. Atherton Click here
Lectures on Stochastic Control and Nonlinear Filtering  M. H. A. Davis Click here
An Introduction to Nonlinearity in Control Systems   Derek Atherton Click here
Discrete-Event Control of Stochastic Networks: Multimodality and Regularity  Eitan Altman, Bruno Gaujal, Arie Hordijk Click here
Control Theory: From Classical to Quantum Optimal, Stochastic, and Robust Control  M.R. James Click here
 Distributed Control of Robotic Networks  Francesco Bullo, Jorge Cortes, Sonia Martinez Click here
Linear Matrix Inequalities in System and Control Theory S. Boyd, L. El Ghaoui, E. Feron, V. Balakrishnan, Click here
Linear Controller Design: Limits of Performance Stephen Boyd, Craig Barratt Click here
High-Performance Control  T.T. Tay, I.M.Y. Mareels, J.B. Moore Click here
 The Analysis of Feedback Systems  Jan C. Willems Click here
A Course in H-infinity Control Theory  Bruce A. Francis Click here
Feedback Control Theory  John Doyle, Bruce Francis, Allen Tannenbaum Click here
Constructive Nonlinear Control R. Sepulchre, M. Jankovic, P. Kokotovic Click here
Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers  Karl J. Astrom, Richard M. Murray Click here
Control in an Information Rich World  Richard M. Murray Click here

These Control Systems Engineering Books aims to provide both worked examples and additional problems with answers. These books will enable the reader to develop their confidence.

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