Basic Banking Terms and Definitions PDF Free Download

Below are the Basic banking terms and definitions one must know. Here we are giving 25 most common basic banking concepts (terms and definitions). These banking terms for interview pdf will help a lot to acquire basic banking knowledge. Here terms are given and their definitions are also updated soon. Please know as much as word definitions. These definitions of general banking terms for interview are very helpful to one who is preparing for bank exams and to answer the basic banking interview questions. No One can survive in banking industry without banking general knowledge.

basic banking terms and definitions pdf
Basic banking terms and definitions

Saving as Basic Banking Terms and Definitions PDF:

To save banking definitions glossary as a pdf file press ctrl+p and choose to save as pdf and give a name to the file. Save as “Banking Terminology PDF” or “Basic Banking Terms PDF”by saving in this name you can easily recognize the file later.

Most of the Indian Banking terms and definitions are similar to other countries. We will make separate posts like indian banking terms and definitions pdf, banking terms and definitions pdf in hindi In the coming days.

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Banking Terminology Used Commonly

Below are 25 commonly used banking terminology words. See more terms in another post “25 Commonly Used Banking Terminology”.

  1. Account Holder
  2. Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
  3. Asset Liability Management
  4. Autonomous Investment
  5. Bancassurance
  6. Banker’s draft
  7. Banking Book
  8. Bull & Bullion
  9. Capital Funds
  10. Cash Reserve Ratio
  11. CBS
  12. Certificate of Deposit (CD)
  13. Collateral Security
  14. Commercial Papers
  15. Corporate Financing
  16. Credit Squeeze
  17. Currency Appreciation
  18. Currency Depreciation
  19. Deficit Financing
  20. DEMAT (Dematerialization)
  21. Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)
  22. Equilibrium Price
  23. Equity Financing
  24. Factoring
  25. Financial Inclusion

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