Accounting Course Details – Types of Courses, Duration, Eligibility, Syllabus, Careers, etc

Accounting is always a demanding field, and it is treated as a backbone of every business organization. If you choose accounting as your career choice then you can get a wide range of opportunities in India. Proper accounting system leads the successful and profitable rate of business. If you looking for a career in accounting, and want to know about Accounting Course details, job etc, read out this article will help you.

Accounting Course Details

What is Accounting?

Accounting is a process of keeping financial accounts. It shows the profit and loss, value of assets and liabilities of a business firm. It refers to identifying, recording, verifying, summarizing and interpreting the financial information related to business organizations. The accounting is usually divided into following types.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is one of the important specialization of accounting. In the process, the accounting professionals prepare the financial statements of a company. For example, prepare a financial report of various business transactions, and statement of income and balance sheet etc.

Tax Accounting:

Tax accounting is another specialization of accounting. This accounting mainly deals with the preparation of tax returns including future years. Principles of tax accounting differ from country to country. Tax accounting is governed by Internal Revenue code, the companies and individuals must follow the rules and conditions of it.

Management Accounting:

Management accounting is a process of preparing the management reports and accounts and these accounts useful in decision making done by manger of a company. This accounting is also called as managerial accounting or cost accounting.

Accounting Career – How to Become an Accountant

Importance of Accountants

Financial matters and aspects are of a business are important, so for those things a specific person is required to record, manage and give advice to the owners of business. The professionals of accounting field are known as accountants. The certified professionals are called as charted accountants. And qualified accountants in various countries are known as Certified public accountants.

The accountant should try to decrease the expenses and liabilities of a business firm. A responsible accountant should verify the whole accounting information and give best advice for a successful business. Skilled accountants also help to the business owners in the time audit and if there is any legal issues will happen.

List of Accounting Courses:

  • Diploma Courses
  • Bachelor Courses
  • Master Courses

Diploma Accounting Course:

  • Diploma in Accounting and Finance

It is a diploma accounting course. This program includes money systems, banking systems and principles of accounting, specializations of accounting etc. After completing this course there are lot job scopes in various field available. On completion of this course you can pursue post graduate level one year diploma course in accounting.


The duration to complete this course is one year.


The basic eligibility for this course is 10th from a recognized board.

Bachelor Courses:

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Taxation
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy


The duration of bachelor’s degree programs is three years.


Candidates should complete their 12th with Mathematics, accounts, and economics from a recognized board.

Master Courses:

After completing the bachelor degree courses in accounting, the candidates can go for master level degree courses.

  • Master of Commerce in Accounting and Auditing
  • Master of Commerce in Accounting and Finance
  • Master of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting


The duration of Masters Accounting Course is two years.


One should complete their bachelor degree in its related field.

Online Certificate courses of Accounting:

To improve accounting skills and practices online certification courses are very useful to you. Some certificate courses are listed below.

  • Financial Accounting and Detecting Frauds
  • Degree in Accounting
  • Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting
  • Course in Accounting- Management Accounting Control Systems
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Finance
  • Course in Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • PMD- Finance and Accounting
  • ACCA- Qualification for Finance Professionals
  • Accounting Technical Program

Online Degree Courses of Accounting:

  • ACC 201 Financial Accounting
  • ACC 330 Federal Taxation
  • ACC 307 Intermediate Accounting
  • ACC 202 Managerial Accounting

Careers in Accounting:

The jobs for accounting professionals are available both in public and private sector. Every business organization requires an accountant that who can manage and maintains the financial records of the companies. So lucrative jobs are available for accountants. The world of finance offers many opportunities to the accounting candidates in number of places such as tax planning, human resources and consultations. Some employment areas of Accounting field are as follows:

  • Auditing
  • Banks
  • Public Accounting
  • Financial
  • Management Accounting
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Budget Analysis

Salary Package:

  • The salary package in the accounting field depends upon the position you are choosing in the accounting department.
  • The starting average salary of a fresher accountant approximately is Rs.8,000/- to Rs.10,000/- per month.
  • A fresh auditor can earn around Rs.3.5 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs.
  • The salary will increase based on the experience of the accountants.


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