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In this post some of the best cma intermediate reference books are given. These may help you in your preparation. In the previous posts we gave ICWAI Inter practice test papers. Practice manuals are the best reference. In this post we are providing authors of the best reference books in the CMA Inter subjects wise manner.

icwai cma intermediate reference books
icwai / cma intermediate reference books

About CMA:

Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) has changed its name to The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI). Also, ICWA course has changed into CMA course. CMA (Certified Management Accountant) awarded by IMA (Institute of Management Accountants, USA) is a global professional qualification. The CMA designation provides an objective measure of an individual’s knowledge and competence in the field of

  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Internal Controls
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Management
  • Performance Management
  • Decision Analysis
  • Professional Ethics

My suggestion is there are no other best-suggested books other than ICMAI’s study material for exam preparation. However we can strongly say that “Practice Manual is the best reference book to pass CMA Inter exams easily.”

CMA Intermediate Reference Books Authors List

Paper 5: Financial Accounting
Hanif and Mukherjee
shukla & grewal
singhania & singhania
Paper 6: Laws, Ethics & Governance
Munish Bhandari
Paper 7: Direct Taxation
Sighania & Singhania
Girish Ahuja
T.N. Manoharan
Paper 8: Cost Accounting & Financial Management
P. C. Tulsiyan
M. N. Arora
Sultan Chand
Paper 9: Operation Management & Information Systems
Arun Kumar
C Chand
T. N Manohar
Paper 10: Cost & Management Accountancy
P. C. Tulsiyan
Alok Agarwal and Mridu Agarwal
Paper 11: Indirect Taxation
Mohd.Rafi / Bharat
Paper 12: Company Accounts & Audit
Surbhi Bhansal

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