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ABOUT THE BOOK: The Shining by Stephen King was published on 28th January 1977. Doubleday was the publisher of the book and it was published in English. Dave Christensen was the cover artist of the book. It is a horror novel. It was very popular Novel in the United States.

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The Shining Book

The Shining by Stephen King Book Details:

Name of the Book: The Shining

Publish Date: 28th January 1977

Author: Stephen King

Published by: Doubleday

Price:   ? 502.00

Pages: 688


Stephen King was born on 21st September 1947 (age 68) at Portland, Maine, United States. His school age was completed at Durham Elementary school and taken a graduate degree from Lisbon Falls High School in Lisbon Falls, Maine. Donald Edwin king was the father of author who born in 1913, Peru, Indiana.

He was a merchant seaman in Indiana. Nellie Ruth was the wife of Edwin, born on 3rd February 1913 in Scarborough, Maine and died on 28th December 1973. From school age onwards king started writing for fun.

He was married in 1971 to Tabitha king and had children names of Naomi, Joe, and Owen. He was a Novelist, Short story writer, Screenwriter, Columnist, Actor, Television producer, Singer and Musician.

Stephen got the medal for distinguished contribution to American letters, Hugo award, Bram Stroke award, World fantasy award, and National medal of Arts. The other books by him are given below:

  • Carrie – 1974.
  • ‘Salem’s Lot – 1975.
  • Night Shift – 1978.
  • The Stand – 1979.
  • The long Walk – 1979.
  • Firestarter – 1980.
  • It – 1986.
  • End of Watch – 2016.
  • The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – 1982.
  • Pet Sematary – 1983 and many more books, Novels by King.


The story of “The shining book” was situated in the Overlook hotel, which was far away from the houses and presented in Colorado Rockies. Jack Torrance was the main character in the novel, he was an aspiring writer. Wendy was the wife of the Jack and containing the 5 years old child named Danny. In this story, Jack was before alcoholic due to loss of his teacher post and had accidentally break Danny’s hand due to his anger. After some time, he got the job in overlook hotel as a winter caretaker.

There the center of the story takes place. Danny possesses telepathic abilities (supposedly capable of transmitting thoughts to other people and of knowing their thoughts) which are unknown to their parents.

Dick Halloran had the similar quality, who was the chef at the hotel. He helps to Danny to tell about them, where they both are communicating with the thought. Danny had seen the ghosts in visions, he afraid of them and stayed close to the parents. He didn’t tell his parents about the ghost present in the hotel because he thought about his father’s job and decided to stay with him and alert him by his vision.

Meanwhile, jack was taken control by the ghost and he supposed to lose control on himself. One day he was again fully drunk after a long fight with her wife. There the hotel urged the jack to kill his wife and son. Here the story ends with how they escaped and how jack died. It was a wonderful horror novel by Stephen King.

Below are the characters involved in the novel:

  • Jack Torrance.
  • Wendy
  • Delbert Gardy.
  • Lloyd
  • Dick Hallorann.

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