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ABOUT THE BOOK: The Lake House by James Patterson was published on 9th June 2003, English. Little Brown and Company was the publisher of the book. The Lake House was a famous book in the United States and it is also a sequel of the book “When the Wind Blows” in 1998. It is a science fiction novel.


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The Lake House by James Patterson Book Details:

Name of the Book: The Lake House

Publish Date: 9th June 2003

Author: James Patterson

Published by: St. Martin’s Press

Price:  $29.99

Pages: 448

ISBN: ISBN 978-0316711135


James Patterson was born on 22nd March 1947 (age 69) at Newburgh, New york, United States. Charles Patterson was the father of James and he was an insurance broker, Isabelle was the mother of author and she was a teacher and homemaker. James was married to Susan Patterson and they had a son named Jack Patterson.

He was graduated as BA in English from Manhattan College and completed MA in English from Vanderbilt University. After his studies, he worked for J. Walter Thompson Company as an advertising agent until his retirement (1996). He got the “Literarian Award” from the National Book Foundation in November 2015, Edger award, and Children’s Choice book award.


This is a book of 448 pages with ISBN 978-0316711135. The Lakehouse is a book sequel to the When the wind blows. It was a story of six children with special powers and escaping from the mad scientists who want to kill them, they are escaped with the help of the two persons called kit and Frannie.

The six children named as Max, Matthew, Ozymandias, Wendy, Peter, and Icarus. In the story, the children are forced to go to their parents but they want to live with the kit and Frannie. They went up to the court for a decision and the judge order them to keep the child along with their biological parents until the appeal by the Kits side.

Coming to the other side of the story Ethane Kane was a Doctor who steals the organs of the faceless people and rearranges them into rich people. It was get seen by the max and she doesn’t inform anybody about it. She got love with OZ and after some had sexual relation with him.

One fine day Kane try to kidnap Max and Matthew but they are escaped from him and meet their friends at Frannie’s house, the doctor’s gang came to the place and attacked them but Frannie called the police and lit the fire to her house. She took the children to the Kits place and they all are shifted to Washington DC for help, some gang stars came in front of them and get caught the children and OZ had killed by them while protecting the max.

Kit and Frannie was got unconscious by the injection is given by the Kane, But they escaped from there with the help of the children. They tried to blow the hospital and showed the evidence to the VIP’s that are hidden inside the hospital. After the hearing this appeal, the court decided that children can be taken in the custody of the Frannie and Kit.

After the judgment, they are very happy and after that Frannie watched the Max she was spending more time in her room, by investigating they found that Max had laid two eggs caused by OZ. her all time was protecting eggs, one day Kent came to stole the egg but Max opposed him and fights with him and through him from window by breaking his head.

One fine day two babies come from the eggs, a boy and girl. They both are winged and they are called as Ozymandias and Frances Jane. Like the way, the happy ending of the story Max was eager to teach their child how to fly.

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