Music Courses Details – Eligibility, Fee, Duration, List of Music Courses after 12th, Vocals, Career, Income, Certification, Theory Courses, Degree Courses etc

Music Courses Details: Music is an Art Form. It can be defined as Cultural Activity who’s Medium is Sound Organized in Time. Anyone can sing but it requires proper Training for Perfect Singing with Rhythms, Pitch etc. So for those who are interested in doing courses, here is the article Music Courses Details with Eligibility, Fee, Duration, List of Music Courses after 12th, Vocals, Career, Income, Certification, etc.


Information about Music Courses:

Music can be defined as Vocal or instrumental sounds or both combined, in order to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. There is a saying that Music has Healing power. Whatever the Generation may be Music Plays a Key Role. So the Demand for Music never gets down and so the demand for Musician and Singers also. To get successful Music Career, one needs to get training by doing appropriate courses. In This article we provide you complete details about Music Courses.

Types of Music Courses:

There are various Types of Courses available in Music, Some are academic and some are short courses, certification will be provided for all these courses. Here is the list of Courses.

  • Diploma in Music (courses after 12th )

Duration: 3 years

Eligibility: 10+2

  • Degree Courses in Music
  • Graduation in Music
  • Masters in Music etc.

Duration: 2 years

Level: Post Graduation

Eligibility:  Graduation

List of Music Courses:

These courses can also be termed as Theory Courses

  • Bachelor of Arts in Classical Music
  • Bachelor of Arts in Instrumental Music
  • Bachelor of Arts in Musicology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Vocal
  • Bachelor of Arts Honors in Classical Music
  • MA Folk Music
  • Master of Arts in Musicology
  • Master of Arts in Music
  • Master of Philosophy in Music (M.Phil)
  • D Folk Music
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Music and art and many more.


Various Certification Courses are also available, here is the list.

  • Certified Courses In Guitar
  • Certified Courses in Sitar
  • Certified Courses In Tabla
  • Certified Courses In Music Therapy

Courses Online:

Other than Normal Courses, Certified Courses, there also exists the option Online Courses. Numerous courses are available in Online. Some of them are for free and some charge very less. These Online Courses also provide Certification and also Materials.

No Time Restriction, we can learn as per our flexibility.

The list of Online Courses is:

  • Introduction To classical Music
  • Music Business Foundations
  • Fundamentals of Music Theory
  • Survey of Musical Technology
  • Introduction to classical Music Composition
  • Music and Society
  • Introduction to Guitar
  • Vocals
  • The Art of Vocal Production
  • Art of Mixing
  • Rhythm section
  • Composing
  • Contemporary
  • Guitar Chords etc

Fee Structure:

The fee structure varies, but for most of the certification courses it is free of cost and for some short courses it would be around 5000/-

Music Courses Melbourne:

There is a demand for Music Courses in Melbourne, People Search for best Institutes. So here is the list.

  • The Music Generation PTY. LTD
  • Australian National Academy of Music
  • Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (MCM)
  • The SoundLab
  • Josh Cohen School of Music
  • Music Education Academy

Career Prospects:

Those who have completed Music Courses can get bright career with many job opportunities. One can find offers of their own or can start an institute.

Salary Details:

The pay scale will be starting 1 lakh and more.

This is the complete article about Music Courses Details .Hope this helped you a lot.


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