Java Interview Questions – Core and Advanced Java

Here are some of the advanced and core java interview questions and answers for freshers.

Try to learn all these java interview questions before the interview. Also check Advanced Java Interview Questions. Learn as much as java questions and answers in a topic wise manner.

So that you can easily remember all the topics and able to answer with out doubts. Many hr’s will try to confuse the candidates to test the confidence and in depth knowledge of java programming of the candidate at the time of interviews.

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Java interview Questions for freshers

Servlets topic related advanced Java interview questions.


  • what is a server?
  • what is tomcat?
  • what is a web container?
  • what is xml?
  • why main method is not understood by servlet class file?
  • Explain Including?
  • Explain Forwarding?
  • Explain Reidirecting?
  • Difference between including, forwarding, redirecting?
  • what is a session?
  • what are cookies?
  • how cookies are used to create sessions in the java programs?



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