Diploma in Event Management: Course Details, Duration, Eligibility, Fees, Syllabus, etc

Events are an integral part of human life. They touch almost all the aspects of our social existence. Birthday celebrations, social gatherings, engagements, and weddings are events we celebrate at the personal level. A successful event requires hard work and a diverse range of skills and experiences. The events industry is much broader than you think. In this article, you can learn Diploma in Event Management Course Details. So scroll down the page and get complete info.

Diploma in Event Management

What is Event Management?

Event Management is the application for the project management to the creation and development of social events like festivals, formal parties, ceremonies, conferences and conventions etc. Event management is a multifaceted activity. It includes the relationship management, creativity, meticulous planning, marketing, advertising and much more. This management involves the studying brand, devising the event concept, identifying the target audience, planning the logistics, and coordinating the technical aspects before launching an event. Event management companies organizing the many social events, some of the events are given below.

  • Product Launches
  • Awards, Launches and VIP events
  • Charity Events
  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Sport Events
  • Roadshows, meetings, and conferences
  • Exhibitions/fashion shows
  • Cultural gathering or cultural programs
  • Talent Hunt Shows

Role of the Event Manager

Event manager is a person of vision, energy and commitment in a position responsibility and authority. The event manager expert at the creative, technical and logistical elements that help an event succeed. Understanding the objectives, managing budget and risk, sourcing and managing suppliers, establishing timelines, marketing and communications are the important elements that the event manager must follow while organizing an event. Event managers and their teams are often behind the scenes running the events. It is a multidimensional profession. The event managers may also be involved in more than just the planning and execution of the event but also brand building, communication strategy and marketing.

Duties and responsibilities of an Event manager are given below.

  1. An event manager is a project manager set or define goals and assign tasks.
  2. Motivate and evaluate the staff.
  3. Plan budget and balance the books.
  4. Design themes, decorations and printed materials.
  5. Target the audience and develop public campaigns of the event.
  6. Sell the events to the organizations or financial sponsors.
  7. Develop and schedule programming.
  8. Choose and implement food service system.

Diploma in Event Management Course Details

This course is diploma level course in Event Management. This diploma program helps the students gaining a thorough knowledge and understanding multiple facts of the Event advertising, marketing, event accounting, brand management, presentation and sponsorship skills, Modern event management including computer application, event catering, corporate communication and venue management etc.


The duration time to complete this course is twelve months it means one year.

Eligibility Criteria:

The basic eligibility to pursue this course is 10 or 12th class. The students can choose this course after completion of their higher and senior secondary level education.

Important Subjects:

  • Business Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Marketing Management
  • Consumer behavior and Brand Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Event Planning
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Culture and Entertainment
  • IT for Event Management
  • Event Production and Logistics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Economics and Management Decisions
  • Media Economics
  • Qualitative Techniques
  • Budgeting and Costing of Events
  • Event Campaign

Online Diploma Courses in Event Management:

Online Diploma in Event management courses can be offered by many institutions through distance learning departments. Here we are providing you some of the online diploma courses.

  • Diploma in Foundations of Event Management Course
  • Diploma in Event Budgeting Course
  • Diploma in Entertainment and Production Course
  • Diploma in Final Event management Project Course
  • Diploma in Event management operations Course
  • Diploma in Risk Management of Event Planning Course

Different Modules of Online DEM Programs:

  1. Event Management Planning
  2. Fundraising Events
  3. Marketing Events and Digital Marketing
  4. Creativity in Events
  5. Sports, Hospitality and Sponsorship
  6. Budgeting and Event Documentation
  7. Social Media
  8. Eco-friendly Events

Best Event Management Colleges in India:

Number of Colleges/Universities are offering Event management courses in India, Some of the best colleges are given below.location

  • National Academy of Event Management and Development- Mumbai
  • Impact Institute of Event Management- New Delhi
  • National Academy of Media and Events- Calcutta
  • International Institute of Fashion Technology- Delhi
  • Krupanidhi School of Management- Bangalore
  • Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University- Lucknow
  • GD Goenka University- Gurgaon

Fee Structure:


The average fee for the diploma in event management course is approximately Rs. 59.5k-70k. The fees may vary form one college to another sometimes.

Job Profiles of DEM Course:

The event management students can get employment opportunities both in private and public sector due to the demand for this sector. Let’s view some of the job profiles of DEM course.

  • Management Trainee
  • Coordinator
  • Customer care executive
  • Accounts executive
  • Office Assistant
  • Business Development Executive
  • Event Manager

Top Event Management jobs Recruitment Companies:

  • Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd
  • Cineyug Entertainment
  • Sercon
  • TCI Consultancy Services and ‘e’ Events
  • Cox and King
  • 360 Degrees
  • DNA Network Pvt ltd
  • Tafcon Grou

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