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The course Institute of Cost & Works Accountants (ICWA) has recently modified or renamed as Institute of Cost & Management Accountants (CMA) which is governed by Cost & Management Accountancy in India

There is no differences in both the courses. The professionals identified and changed the name of ICWAI to CMA where ICWA stands for Institute of Cost & Work Accountants whereas CMA stands for Cost & Management Accounting.

The Cost & Management Accountant Course deals with the strategic management decisions with respect to economic activities of an organization. This field provides satisfaction to the candidates in providing good career opportunities for successful candidates in the form of receiving good remuneration.

CMA Course comprises of three levels. They are Foundation, Inter and Final.

The candidates who are willing to pursue CMA course should complete 12th to attain admission into CMA Foundation. And next the candidates who qualified in Foundation will be promoted to Inter and lastly Final. Now let’s look down for the information regarding CMA Inter.

CMA Inter Mock Test Papers

CMA Inter

The main eligibility to attain admission into this level is to get qualified in the previous level i.e. Foundation. This level comprises of two groups with 4 subjects each.

Now just go through the syllabus of CMA Inter which is furnished below

Group 1Group 2
P5 – Financial AccountingP9 – Operations & Strategic Management
P6 – Laws & EthicsP10 – Cost & Management Accounting & Financial Management
P7 – Direct TaxationP11 – Indirect Taxation
P8 – Cost AccountingP12 – Company Accounts & Audit

Now look down for the Mock Test Papers for CMA Inter which are useful for practice for the preparation of exams.

CMA Inter Mock Test Papers Download

The Institute of Cost & Management Accountant (ICMA) releases CMA mock test papers for preparing of CMA exams for every level. In the same way, ICMA released CMA Inter mock test papers and these are helpful for the candidates to practice and get ready for exams.

These mock test papers are available for the students with and without solutions. Practicing of these mock tests helps the students to attain good score in exams.

The candidates may directly download the mock test papers for getting prepared as per the given syllabus.

Using these test papers, the candidate can directly test their study preparation for CMA Inter exams. Look down to download CMA Inter Mock Test Papers in pdf format.

Group 1

Set 1Set 2
Questions:  Paper 5- Financial AccountingQuestions:  Paper 5- Financial Accounting
Answers:  Paper 5- Financial AccountingAnswers:  Paper 5- Financial Accounting
Questions: Paper 6 – Laws and EthicsQuestions: Paper 6 – Laws and Ethics
Answers: Paper 6 – Laws and EthicsAnswers: Paper 6 – Laws and Ethics
Questions: Paper 7- Direct TaxationQuestions: Paper 7- Direct Taxation
Answers: Paper 7- Direct TaxationAnswers: Paper 7- Direct Taxation
Questions: Paper 8- Cost AccountingQuestions: Paper 8- Cost Accounting
 Answers: Paper 8- Cost AccountingAnswers: Paper 8- Cost Accounting


Group 2

Set 1Set 2
Questions: PAPER – 10: Cost & Management Accounting and Financial ManagementQuestions: PAPER – 10: Cost & Management Accounting and Financial Management
Answers: PAPER – 10: Cost & Management Accounting and Financial ManagementAnswers: PAPER – 10: Cost & Management Accounting and Financial Management
Questions: Paper 11- Indirect TaxationQuestions: Paper 11- Indirect Taxation
Answers: Paper 11- Indirect TaxationAnswers: Paper 11- Indirect Taxation
Questions: Paper 12- Company Accounts & AuditQuestions: Paper 12- Company Accounts & Audit
Answers: Paper 12- Company Accounts & AuditAnswers: Paper 12- Company Accounts & Audit

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