Chef Courses Details – Eligibility Criteria, Duration, Syllabus, Best Institutes in India, Bachelor Courses, Career etc

This is the article named Chef Courses Details which provides the complete Course information such as Requirements, Eligibility Criteria, Duration, Syllabus, Types of Courses, Best Institutes in India, Bachelor Courses, Career and Jobs etc. Read the complete article to get all the Information.


About Chef Courses:

The art of Cooking is called as Culinary Art. Those who are having the Culinary Art are called as Chef. Chef should be able to Numerous Varieties of Dishes in all styles. Many Restaurants and Hotels recruits Chefs with high Salaries. So the demand for the Course rose. There are many Types of Courses. This is the article to know about the Courses. Go through it.

Types of Chefs:

There are many Types of Chefs. They are:

  • Executive Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Cooks and Assistants
  • Expeditor


The Skills required for the Chef Courses are:

  • Creativity
  • Physical endurance
  • Strong Ethnic Work
  • Mixing, slicing, assembling, squeezing and any other capability of the human hands

Eligibility Criteria:

The requirement to do Chef Courses is 10+2.

Courses List:

There are various levels of courses. They are:

  • Bachelors Courses
  • Diploma Courses
  • Certificate Courses

Diploma Courses:

There are types in Diploma Courses.  The Eligibility for these Courses is 10+2. The Duration of the Course is 1 year. They are listed here:

  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Catering Technology
  • Diploma in Food Production
  • Diploma in Food and Beverage Science
  • Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery

Bachelors Courses:

These are the Degree Courses. The Eligibility Criteria for these Courses is 10+2. There are various Courses in This.

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  • Bachelor of Catering Technology and Culinary Arts (BCT & CA)
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • Sc. in Catering and Culinary Arts
  • BA in Culinary Arts
  • Sc. in Hotel Management and Catering Technology

The Contents that are covered in the Bachelors Courses are:

Nutrition, Food microbiology, American cuisine, French cuisine, Cultural impact of food, Food preservation and storage


The Jobs offered after the courses are

Sous chef, Executive chef, catering manager

Syllabus of Cooking and baking:

I  Cooking vs. Baking: A Brief Overview

  1. What is Cooking?
  2. What is Baking?
  3. Kitchen Equipment
  4. Common Cooking and Baking Appliances
  5. Less Common Cooking and Baking Appliances
  6. Cooking and Baking Utensils

II. Cooking Terms

  1. Understanding Recipe Vocabulary
  2. Basic Kitchen Terms
  3. Ingredient Terms
  4. Action Terms
  5. Baking Terms
  6. Understanding Baking Recipe Vocabulary
  7. Basic Baking Terms
  8. Food Terms
  9. Action Terms
  10. Fresh Ingredients
  11. Pantry Essentials
  12. Baking Essentials
  13. Cooking Essentials
  14. Canned Goods
  15. Fresh Items

III. Dried Herbs and Spices

  1. Miscellaneous Items
  2. Building a Pantry
  3. Rotating Pantry Items

VII. Using Cooking Recipes

  1. Reading a Cooking Recipe
  2. Measuring for a Recipe

VIII. Using Baking Recipes

  1. Reading a Baking Recipe
  2. Baking-Specific Directions
  3. Expanding Recipes
  4. Measuring Tools
  5. Measurement Conversions
  6. Multiplying Recipes
  7. Finding and Storing Recipes
  8. Meal Planning
  9. Cooking Small
  10. Cooking Big
  11. Using Leftovers
  12. Safety in the Kitchen
  13. Dangerous Foods
  14. Storing Food
  15. Tips for Safe Food Handling
  16. For More Information
  17. Keeping Kids Safe

Certificate Courses:

There are some Certification Courses which can be done in short time and get offers. Types in certification Courses are:

  • Chef Certification Course
  • Certificate in Food and Beverages
  • Certificate in Food Production
  • Certificate in Catering Technology
  • Certificate in Food Production

Top 10 Institutes for Chef Courses:

Students choose to join in best and Top Institutes to do the Course. Here we have listed the Top 10 Institutes in India to do Chef Courses:

  1. International Institute Of Culinary Arts, New Delhi – IICA
  3. Lavonne Academy of Baking Science & Pastry Arts, India
  4. Indian Institute Of Hotel Management & Culinary Arts
  5. American College Of Culinary & Language Arts
  6. Bangalore Culinary Academy ‘
  7. Master Chef, Delhi
  8. Perfect Cookery Training Center, Delhi
  10. Culinary Institute Of India (CII) & CITMS

Career Prospectus:

After the courses the Career opportunities will be more with many Job offers. Initially they can start career with 10k and this will increase based on Experience and Skills.

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  1. I have completed one and Half Year Craft Course in IHM and now I am doing the Three Year Bachelors In catering Technology and Culinary Arts from Culinary Academy of India. One thing I can say is that CAI gives the best practical training and the facilities and trainers are of very high Quality. I happy that I decided to join in CAI as when I browsed on the Internet about Culinary Colleges I was seeing various college sites and I saw that no college ever puts the pictures of the products of its students of regular practical’s except CAI.I saw my products on the net and I feel very happy, proud and also it gives me great encouragement to do even better.

    Pursuing BCTCA IN CAI

  2. Best College for technical and practical skill developments in Culinary arts is culinary academy of India.All the faculty are well experienced and also skilled.The practical classes are very informative and well delivered.Culinary Academy of India is providing good placements to its students and international cruise companies come for campus placements.

    Venkat Kumar
    Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts
    Ex Student

  3. Culinary academy of India is listed amongst the Top Ten Culinary Colleges in the World by “ASAIN CORRESPONDANT” .The only college in India which has Eight Professional Kitchens and the latest cuisines such as Molecular Gastronomy and Sous Vide cooking are taught. The Practical hands on training under able chef instructors is the best aspect of chef training being followed by BRANC CAI.


  4. Hello sir
    I am 33 years old and i want to learn culinery art and my education in 10th.
    Can i learn this course too?


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