How To Become a Tour Guide? – Job Description & Career Details

Introduction: Generally we all are interested in going to picnics, tours and for holidays when we feel bored or stress with life. We feel relaxed when we go in sight for those places. We all are aware of various tourist spots in the world. Each place will have its own identity and we feel happy, proud and relaxed when we reach there and watch those places.  Many people irrespective of their regions, religion, languages gather at different tourist spots maintaining communal harmony. Let’s go through some of the Tourist Spots in and around India.

Tour Guide Course

Famous Tourist Spots:

There are various tourist spots in the world. Some of the famous Tourist spots are as follows.

  • Taj Mahal, India
  • Niagara Falls, USA
  • Eifel Tower, Paris
  • Great Wall of China, China
  • Pyramids of Egypt, Egypt
  • Big Ben, London
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul
  • Roman Coliseum, Rome etc.

About Tourism:

There are various Tourism departments or companies in the world. Some companies are Government undertaking while some are not. In each and every country or state, there will be a tourism company. Every company will provide basic facilities like accommodation for their customers according to the customer’s availability and comfort. The tourism companies offers various packages according to their customers by recognizing their needs and comforts. The company itself allocates a tour guide for their customers immediately after knowing the complete details of the customers. Some of the holiday packages offered to the tourists by the Tourism Companies in India are as follows:

  • Pilgrimage Holidays
  • Adventure Holidays
  • Beach Holidays
  • Honeymoon Holidays etc.

How to become a Tour Guide:

Whenever we aspire to go for a tour, we need someone to guide about the place who is called as Tour Guide or Tourist Guide. He is the one who can explain about the tourist spots in the particular places and guide us under the supervision of the guide manager. There will be various tourist guides under the supervision of various Tourism companies. By his guidance, the tourists can watch and know the history of the place and so on. From starting to end, the guide takes complete responsibilities of his tourists on behalf of his company.

Features of a Tour Guide are as follows:

The person who is interested in pursuing the Tour Guide Course, should have the following characteristic features:

  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Excellent Memory
  • Time Management
  • Punctuality
  • Friendly Nature
  • Knowledgeable Person
  • Good Interactions with tourists etc.

Tour Guide Course:

The Tour Guide course is an interesting and a responsible course. The one who is interested in travelling, knowing the facts of interesting places respective to their region, state and nation can opt for this course. Now, let’s go through the course details of the Tour Guide Course.

Tour Guide Course Details:

The Tour Guide course consists of details like duration of the course, eligibility of the course, courses of TourGuide, fee structure etc.

Available Courses for Tour Guide:

There are various courses regarding Tour Guide course. They are mentioned as follows:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) in Tourism & Travel Management
  • Bachelor of Administration (B.A) in Tourism & Hotel Management
  • B.Sc. in Tourism Management
  • M.A. in Tourism & Travel Administration
  • M.B.A. in Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Master in Tourism Administration (M.T.A) etc.

Course Duration:

The duration of the Tour Guide course is as follows:

  • For Bachelor Degree, the course duration is three years.
  • For Master Degree, the course duration is two years.
  • For Diploma course, the course duration is one year.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for the TourGuide course is as follows:

  • To pursue B.A. in this course, the minimum requirement is 10 + 2.
  • To pursue his M. A. in this course, the minimum requirement is B.A.
  • At least the candidate should pursue diploma course after 10 + 2.

Fee Structure:

The fee structure of TourGuideCourse is as follows:

  • For pursue diploma in this course, the fee is Rs.1, 50, 000/-.
  • To pursue Bachelor Degree of this course, the fee may be Rs.2, 50, 000/-.
  • To pursue Master Degree for this course, the fee may be Rs.3, 50, 000/-.

Top Colleges for Tour Guide Course:

The colleges which hire Tour Guide courses are as follows:

  • Efforts Institute of Management & Technology, New Delhi
  • Integrated Institute of Management & Technology, Andhra Pradesh
  • Indian Institute of Travel & Tourism Management(IITM), Bhubaneshwar
  • CT Group of Institutions, Punjab
  • IZEE Business School, Mumbai
  • Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
  • Swami Vivekananda Institute of Modern Sciences, Kolkata etc.

Career Opportunities:

The career opportunities for the Tour Guide course is good. So let’s look through the career opportunities for the Tour Guide course as mentioned hereunder:

Employment Areas:

The jobs which comes under the TourGuide are as follows:

  • Tour Management Companies
  • Transportation Departments
  • Tourism Departments
  • Large Hotels
  • Tour Advisors
  • Government Sectors
  • Travel Agencies etc.

Job Titles:

The jobs for Tour Guides may be as follows:

  • Assistant Tour Advisor
  • Hotel Managing Advisor
  • Gaming Tables Supervisor
  • Travel Head Supervisor
  • Section Head – Slot Machines
  • Assistant Passenger Service Coordinator
  • Reservation Supervisor – railway, airline & hotels etc.

Salary Allocations:

The starting salary for a Tour Guide who completed his diploma and bachelor degree may be Rs.15, 000/- in some companies and may vary according to the location of the companies.


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