Top MBA Colleges in East India – Ranking, Perception, Alumni Reviews, Placements and more info

Are you interested in doing management course specifically in east India and you are looking forward to Top MBA Colleges in East India? Here you have your answers to your questions. In this posting, you can find top colleges list according to some factors like ranking, Perception, Alumni reviews, Academics, and placements etc.

Top MBA Colleges in India

Top MBA Colleges in East India

Let us see the factors as follows:

  • Ranking
  • Perception
  • Alumni Reviews
  • Academics
  • Placements
  1. Ranking is in which place a particular college, university or business school hold.
  2. Perception is nothing but the public opinion about a specific college.
  3. Alumni Reviews are for the people who want to join in these colleges for getting an idea.
  4. Academics these academics are for student purpose before joining in college they will come to know about academics and curriculum.
  5. Placements the main reason for joining in top reputed colleges is to get a good job in top MNC’s. For that here is the mentioning about placements with ranking.

The states which are being chosen for ranking the Top MBA Colleges in East India are:

  1. Assam
  2. Chhattisgarh
  3. Mizoram
  4. Tripura
  5. Nagaland
  6. Jharkhand
  7. Meghalaya
  8. Manipur
  9. Sikkim
  10. Bihar
  11. West Bengal
  12. Arunachal Pradesh

List of Top MBA Colleges in East India as follows:



College/UniversityMBA or PGDMPerception (Out of 10)Alumni reviews (out of 10)Academics

(out of 10)


(out of 10)

1Xavier School of Management – XLRI, JamshedpurPGDM9.9 best private B-school9.8 Positive9.9 Well balanced curriculum9.9 Excellent placements
2School of Management, KIIT BhubaneswarMBA8.4 Is popular along with overall KIIT brand in East India8.4 largely positive8.2 The focus is mostly on traditional techniques of management8.2 Decent placements
3Xavier Institute of Social Service, RanchiPGDM8.4 Getting popularity from Xavier tag8.4 Reasonably positive8.4 Well designed program8.4 Good placements
4Regional College of Management, BhubaneswarPGDM8.2 Oldest MBA colleges in Orissa.8.4 Positive8.0 Decent Infrastructure maintains quality8.0 Below average because of no industrial outreach.
5Birla Institute of Technology, MesraMBA8.18.2 Positive8.1 Intake is low, lack of prominent faculties a big problem


7.9 Not as high as tech program
6International Management Institute, BhubaneswarPGDM8.2 Because of Delhi campus, it is famous8.2 Reviews are mixed about IMI-B8.0 Intake is low, but integration with industry-based courses found lacking


8.0 Average
7Xavier Institute of Management, BhubaneswarMBA8.2 Based on the popularity of XLRI8.2 Recent reviews8.0 Well-designed curriculum both practical’s and as well as theory8.0 Good
8Institute of Management and Information Science, BhubaneswarPGDM7.8 Unknown outside7.8 More than average7.9 Not up to the mark7.9 Placements at IMIS are not up to the mark


9Rungta College of Engineering and Technology, BhilaiMBA7.7 Unknown outside7.8 Positive and negative7.8 the curriculum is too narrow for optimum management studies7.8 Average
10International Management Institute, KolkataPGDM7.9 due to the popularity of Delhi campus, this is also very well known7.9 Relatively Positive7.9 Not well structured because it is recently established7.6 Good
11Dr CV Raman University, BhubaneswarMBA7.6 Not as much as popular as B.Tech7.6 Relatively negative7.7 Only up to theory, not practical’s7.5 Below average
12Centurion University, BhubaneswarMBA7.5 Not known outside of the state7.6 Negative7.7 Only stuck to management areas7.4 Average

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