How To Pass CA Exam In One Month Preparation

how to pass ca exam, how to pass ca ipcc exam, how to pass ca exam in 20 daysRevision test papers are very useful to pass CA final exam and to pass CA ipcc exams. Don’t worry about how to pass ca exam in first attempt because its very easy to pass with even 20 days preparation also if you plan well. Many people will fail even though they have 6 months of time to prepare. But many students are also passing ca exams in first attempt with only one month preparation also. So don’t worry about how to pass ca final exam or ipcc exam easily.

Important Tips about How To Pass ca exam in one month

  • You should complete the preparation of all the important topics in time.
  • You should follow the best time table with dedication.
  • Use Study Material and Revision test papers.

Paper 1: Accounting

  1. Partnership Accounts.
  2. Not-for-profit organizations.
  3. Amalgamation.
  4. Cash flow.
  5. Single Entry System (Accounting from incomplete records).
  6. Accounts in computerized environment.

Paper 2: Business laws, Ethics And Communications.

  1. Indian Contract Act.
  2. Payment of Bonus Act.
  3. EPF.
  4. Gratuity Act.
  5. Company Act.
  6. Ethics.
  7. Communication.

Paper 3: Cost Accounting And Financial Management

  1. Costing.
  2. Financial Management.

Exam tips:

  • Use working notes where ever necessary for costing preparation.
  • Don’t worry about twisted questions read slowly and carefully.

Paper 4: Taxation

  1. Income Tax.
  2. Service Tax and VAT.

Paper 5: Advanced Accounting

Exam Tips:

  • AS
  • Insurance companies financial statements
  • Banking Companies financial statements
  • Branch accounts or Department accounts
  • Advanced issues in partnership or Amalgamation
  • Batter to solve the questions of practice manual of accounting standards.

Paper 6: Auditing And Assurance

Exam Tips:

Writing answers in a point wise manner is best.

Use practical knowledge while answering this shows your grip in the subject.

Paper 7: Information Technology And Strategic Management


  • Useful to use technical terms in the point wise manner.
  • Definitions are asked about 15 marks so concentrate on them.



  1. I’m Shiva Laxmi .I have completed my graduation in bsc computer in year 2009.i got 67%.l can eligible for CA exam and please give information about how to apply .

  2. Dear Sir

    I am an old student of ICAI with registration No MM34811 for period April 1987-1990
    I have also undergone the 3- year articles for period April 1987-1990 .
    But, I could not clear a single paper and subsequently discontinued the course .

    After lapse of considerable time, I now feel interested to pursue the CA course again.
    In this situation, I request you to advise me about –

    1 Fresh Registration requirement
    2 Registration / other fees payable
    3 Status of Articles period ( Which I have already completed)

    I request you to help me


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