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Looking for best free music download sites (free and legal)? Following are the Top 10 (Music) Online Free Album Download Websites, most of them save the music albums in Hotfile, Rapidshare, Megaupload, or some other file hosting website. If you want to download full music albums legally, the best website to go is given below and download best one as per your interest.

Free Album Download Websites

Music is a passion that is truly enjoyed and cherished by much of the world’s population. Music has the power to connect various hearts or a Good Music connects directly with the Soul. Almost all of us love to hear the music. With the advent of the Internet and the smartphone, it is now possible to utilize a mobile app to listen to your favorite music. Without music a multimedia mobile seems like a simple cell phone.

In the modern era of advanced science and technology, very few users want to purchase music and they want to download it for free through online. The internet is serving as a convenient source for the global audience to listen to their favorite music.  You can access lot of websites that offer a wide range of songs belonging to different Categories. Pop, rock, blues, jazz, classic etc, you will find it all on the internet.

Let us look at the top music album to download and play free music from the Internet in this article.

How to Download Free Music


The first step is Access the Youtube page and enters the related keyword into the search bar. Copy the song’s or video’s link and paste it to KeepVid Music download window: Get Music to Download.


The site features a collection of popular videos every day, which include funny clips, music videos, movie trailers, sports videos, extreme videos and daily viral videos.

Visit the main page of DailyMotion website. Then the user needs to search for the song. Copy the song’s or video’s link and paste it to KeepVid Music download window: Get Music to Download.

MTV Music

Visit the URL of the MTV Music website to redirect the homepage. Type the favorite song name within the search bar. Once the song pops up, the user will see the Firefox extension turning colorful. Then click the extension and download the relevant song to relevant location of the computer.


Access the URL of the Zimbio site, and you will see the homepage. Then user needs to type the favorite song name within the search bar and the Firefox extension turns colorful so that the song is downloaded.


Access the main page of the Epitonic website and you will see the homepage. Search the relevant keyword name and then download the song.


Access the main page of the Mp3.Com website and you will see the homepage. The relevant songs and the artists can be searched by using the search bar and then by downloading the favorite songs accordingly.

Free Sound

There are over 2, 30, 000 songs on this site. Visit the Freesound website to download the free albums. The interface of this site is quite different from other. You can find music samples, latest albums and favorite songs on this site. Just type for your desired album or song in the search bar and download the song from the site.

YouTube By Click

Access the Youtubebyclick.com Click URL to download your favorite albums. On this site you can download videos or songs from many other 40 websites. At the download time it will ask you whether you want to download video or download mp3 file. Choose the option download mp3 and you will get your favorite songs downloaded.

Free Music Archive

Visit the freemusicarchive.org website home page, search for your favorite music and download it. You can find albums or songs of any genre like pop, rock, hip-hop and many more. The interface of this site is simple which the users can easily understand the usage of the site. The home page displays recently added highlights and most interesting tracks on side of the homepage.

Public Domain 4u

The site also provides top ten songs on its homepage. Access the publicdomain4u.com homepage to get songs of any genre. This site allows its users to listen to songs online for free and to download any of your loved songs. The interface of this site is pretty cool. You can find songs of different genres like pop, old time music, folk, jazz, gospel and many more.


You can find plenty of songs of different genres on this site. Visit the Allmp3s page to download your favorite songs. You can download music albums and songs from this site. There is no need to register on this site to download albums from this site.

Yahoo Music

The interface of this site is damn good. Access the Yahoo Music site home page to search for your desired music. You can find latest news regarding to music on this site. You can find favorite albums of any genre on this site. There is a search option available on top of the main page which helps you to find your favorite tracks easily.

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Top 10+ Free Album Download Websites

If you want to download full music albums legally, the best website to go is given below

  • Jamendo
  • PhazeMP3
  • MP3Boo
  • SoundArea
  • Best Dj Mix
  • Album Hunt
  • Bandcamp
  • Ghaneli
  • Max Albums
  • com
  • Freesound
  • YouTubeByClick
  • Free Music Archive
  • Public Domain 4U
  • Audionautix
  • Allmp3s
  • Yahoo music
  • Epitonic
  • MTV
  • Daily motion
  • Zimbio

Disclaimer – Please Don’t download copyrighted content. Instead, purchase them and support the publishers. We are not responsible for the content you downloaded on the above website.

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