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ABOUT THE CARRIE BOOK: Carrie by Stephen king was published on 5th April 1974, by the publisher Doubleday in English. It is an American epistolary novel and also it was a first published Novel by the king. Over 30,000 copies are sold out for the first print.

The theme of the story is a girl of 16 years old in chamberlain, Maine. She discovers telekinetic powers in her and got revenge to her sadist classmates. Carrie Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive chapter summaries and analysis etc to help you understand the book.

CARRIE by Stephen king

Carrie by Stephen king Book Details:

Name of the Book: Carrie Novel

Publish Date: 5th April 1974

Author: Stephen king

Publisher: Doubleday in English

Price: 506.00

About The Author Stephen King

Stephen king was born on 21st September 1947 (age 68) at Portland, Maine, United States. Donald Edwin king is the father of king who was born about 1913 in Peru, Indiana. He was a merchant seaman in Indiana (Midwestern U.S. state).

Nellie Ruth is the mother of a king who was born on 3rd February 1913 in Scarborough, Maine. She died on 28th December 1973 due to some disease. In 1971 King got married to Tabitha king and had children Naomi, Joe, Owen. He started writing from school age for fun.

King was a columnist, screenwriter, short story writer, novelist, musician, singer, actor, and Television producer. He has written nearly 200 short stories, most of which have been collected in book collections. He received many awards some of them are:

  • Balrog awards in 1980 for the book “Night Shift”.
  • Bram Stroke award in 1990 for the book “Four Past Midnight”.
  • Horror Guild awards in 2001 for the book “Riding the Bullet”.
  • Alex awards in 2009 for the book “Just after Sunset”.

Notable awards

  • Hugo Award
  • Bram Stoker Award
  • World Fantasy Award
  • National Medal of Arts

CARRIE Book Summery / Contents

Carrie is a book of 199 pages with ISBN 978-0-385-08695-0. The classic novel deals with the girl having the telepathic power and a revenge of her sadist classmate. The Carrie was the main character and she is a 16 years old girl from Chamberlain, Maine. Margaret is the mother of the Carrie.

Time was going with growing age of Carrie, one day Carrie got her first period while showering. She can’t understand what is happening and why the blood was bleeding, her mother never tells her about the period. Chris is one of her classmates took an opportunity in that situation to taunt her by throwing tampons, sanitary napkins and one of them take a video by her cell phone.

At that movement Miss Desjardin, Gym teacher passed that way and screws out the Carrie from them and teaches her about it. After some days she recognizes herself about telekinetic power, and she practiced it in secret in her room for developing the strength.

She was very interested in prom dance and so she got an offer to dance from Tommy Ross, one of the most popular boys in the school. He was convinced by Sue Snell, who was the girlfriend of the Tom.

She was a classmate of the Carrie who teased her. Prom initiated normally and then they both are presented in the stage, Chris was planned to insult the Carrie, two buckets of pig’s blood was rig into them and later tom gets shot by the bucket which causes to death of Tom. All of the audience gets started laughing at her.

She got angry and revealed her power by killing the people who laughed at her. By the time Carrie gets blasted all over the place and she took the revenge on the Chris and her boyfriend Billy.

She felt down got injured and realized that sue Snell was an innocent girl so she left her to alive. At finally Carrie died and there is a small conversion with her mom on the story which was not presented here.

Some of the important characters in the story are

  • Carietta “Carrie” White – Main character in the Novel.
  • Margaret – Mother of Carrie.
  • Miss Desjardin – Gym Teacher.
  • Chris Hargensen – A school girl, his father was a local lawyer.
  • Sue Snell – She was a classmate of Carrie.
  • Tommy Ross – One of the most popular boys in the school.
  • Billy Nolan – Chris’s boyfriend.

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