Botany Course Details – Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Career Scope, and Job Prospects

Usually, botany is a study of the plants, how they survive with other things in the environment. Botany is one of the oldest sciences as it was a part of early human efforts to identify edible, medicinal and poisonous plants. It deals both with the scientific study of plant and development and plant biology, chemistry and plant genetics.

The candidates who have an interest in the field of biological science are suitable to pursue the botany courses. Let’s view the more information related to the Botany Course given in this article.

Botany Course Details

What is Botany and Botanist?

Botany is the branch of biological science that focuses on the study of plants and how they survive and interact with the other living things and nonliving things in the environment. The study of the plant is crucial because they are a fundamental part of life on Earth, which generates oxygen, food, fuels and medicine for all the living things including humans for their existence. Botany covers a wide range of scientific disciplines that the study of plants allege and fungi including the structure, growth, development, metabolism, chemical properties, reproduction, diseases and evolutionary relationships between the different groups. Let’s see the some of the specializations of Botany Course:

  • Horticulture
  • Economic Botany
  • Agronomy
  • Plant genetics
  • Ethno botany
  • Bryology
  • Palaeobotany
  • Forestry
  • Plant Systematics
  • Lichenology

Generally, specialists in the biological field are known as Botanists. Botanist studies the origin, development, physiology, structure, distribution, environment, interrelationships, classifications and every aspect of the plant life and relates possibility solutions to the horticultural, agricultural and forestry problems. The botanist is usually specialized in one type or group of plants or approach to the study of plants. They also with the artificial environments, space travel agriculture, hydroponics and other many areas of research. Botanists are often classified according to their types of plants to study. For example, marine botanists study the plants that will grow in the ocean and agronomists are specialize in the field of agricultural crops.

Botany Courses Details

 Bachelor of Science in Botany:

This bachelor botany course is an undergraduate course. This course is designed while keeping in the mind the demand for the skilled professional who can cater the demands of the growing botanical industry.


This duration of the course is three years and six semesters will be conducted in this bachelor course.


The candidates who have passed 10+2 broad examinations with 55-60 percent marks and physics, chemistry and botany subjects are eligible for this course.

Master of Science in Botany:

This master botany course is a postgraduate course. It covers all the topics of the plant study fields and it includes both the theoretical and practical training also.


The duration of the course is two years and four semesters will be conducted in this course.


  • The students need to complete their bachelor course with related field and 50 percent marks.
  • Some of the reputed colleges or institutions may conduct entrance exam for the admission of a candidate.

Fee Structure:Fees

Mostly the fee structure varies from one institution to another. The fee for the bachelor degree graduates is approximately Rs. 15k-30k in public colleges and Rs. 50k- 1 Lakh in private colleges per year.

The average fee for the Master degree graduates is approximately Rs. 30k -1.6 lakhs per the year.

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Colleges list in India for Botany Course:location

Some of the best botany colleges list is given below.

  1. Little Flower College, Guruvayur- Kerala
  2. ERK science and arts College, Dharmapuri- Tamilnadu
  3. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi- Uttarakhand
  4. Modern College of Arts, Bangalore- Karnataka
  5. Fatima Mata National College, Kollam- Kerala
  6. Anurag Narayan College, Patna- Bihar
  7. Ramjas College, New Delhi- Delhi
  8. Bhavans New Science College, Hyderabad- Telangana

Job Profiles:

The job profiles of the Botany graduates are listed below.

  • Plant Biochemist
  • Ecologist
  • Farming Consultant
  • Diagnostic Specialist
  • Medical Coder
  • Biotech Marketing Executive
  • Research Associate
  • Plant Explorer
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Nursery Manager
  • Teacher/ Lecturer
  • Trainee Medical Representative
  • Content Analyst- Botany
  • Molecular Biologist
  • Conservationist
  • Area Business Manager- Bio-Products

Botany Careers:

A career in Botany is one of the preferred careers in India. When planning a career in Botany, the job profile can include the study of plants, research, working with industries and teaching. Botany careers largely deals with the biology of fossil living plants along with their relationship to the environment. The botanists can be employed in many areas like physiology, taxonomy, anatomy of plants and their processes. Usually, the job opportunities depend on the educational training and experience. Because the field is so broad, there are many kinds of plant biologists and many different opportunities available.

Advance Courses of Botany:

  • Master of Philosophy (Botany)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Botany)

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