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ABOUT THE BOOK: Along came a spider by James Patterson was published on 1st December 1993 in English. The publisher of the book is Little Brown and Company. It was a crime, Mystery, and thriller combination story.

After this story, approximately 18 sequel stories were published.

Along Came A Spider

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Along came a spider by James Patterson Book Details:

Name of the Book: Along came a spider

Publish Date: 1st December 1993

Author: James Patterson

Published by: Little Brown

Price: 320.00

Pages: 528


James was the son of Charles Patterson and Isabelle and he was born on 22nd March 1947 (age 69) at Newburgh, New york, United States. His parents are employed, father as insurance broker and mother as a teacher, she also a homemaker. Susan Patterson is the spouse to author and Jack Patterson is the only son to them.

He completed his graduation in BA in English from Manhattan College and also done MA in English from Vanderbilt University. He was an advertising agent in J. Walter Company up to his retirement.

After his retirement at 1996, he started the writing of novels and he got man awards like ‘Literarian Award’ from the National book Foundation in November 2015, Edger Award, and Children’s Choice book Award. He lives in Palm beach, Florida and some other famous books by the author were given below:

  • Cross – 2006.
  • Witch & Wizard – 14 December 2009.
  • Treasure Hunters – September 2015.
  • Kiss the Girls – 11 January 1995.
  • Cat & Mouse – 5 November 1997.
  • Maximum Ride – 11 April 2005.

Along Came A Spider Book Summery / Contents

This book consists of 528 pages, while you reading this Along Came A Spider book you can feel thrilling about the story. Coming to the story the main character called Alex cross was a forensic psychologist and investigator. The story started with an investigation into the murder of two black prostitutes and a child. In the meanwhile, he shifted to the kidnapping case of two children named Maggie Rose Dunne and Michael Goldberg. He was shifted his case because living children were more important when compared to the dead one. The both children were kidnapped by Gray Soneji.

Cross meets the Jezzie Flannagan where he was the head of Children’s Secret Service detail. Soneji takes the children to the old farmhouse and kept them in a wooden box in alive. He got angry about FBI agent Roger Graham’s comments on TV on him and later he killed him. Cross and John Sampson being the partner of the cross found that he was a kidnapper by the help of FBI agent.

After some days Michel was founded and parents of the Maggie got the letter with demanding of money about $10 million. They are directed to deliver the money at the spot which is told by the Soneji. He took the money without leaving the Maggie but he was get followed by the FBI agent, Cross, and John. They found that he has a family with a daughter in Wilmington, Delaware. Recently to this situation he murdered a teacher working in private school by this they found a clue that Soneji was involved in the murder case.

On deep investigation on murders they had found the recently visited person for their house is an employee for selling the heating system and his name is Gray murphy. He was get observed by the police but the Soneji was escaped from there and get arrested at the food court.

From several degrees, they found that he has mental disorder name split personality. Gray Murphy was a normal employee and Gray Soneji was a violent murderer. So they kept him in jail and suspect that some other person was following the Soneji and causing to kidnap. They surveyed that Devine and Charley were the secret protecting agents for the children.

At last, they found that Jezzie was the main person who kidnaps the children and demanded money. They found the Maggie at a family living in South America, Meanwhile Soneji was escaped from the jail and found the money by the help of Devine and finally, he murdered him. He also attempts to kill the grandmother and children of the cross but they were escaped from him. Soneji was hunted by the cross and kept in mental hospital. The story ends with the happy living of Cross with their family.

After talking so much about Along Came a Spider by James Patterson I think it is only fantastic book with a serious twist in the overall plot with his books.


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