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About Acting Courses:

Acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character—in theatre, television, film, radio, or any other medium that makes use of the mimetic mode. This is as per wiki.

The Skills that are required for Acting are: Well-developed Imagination, Emotional Facility, Physical Expressivity, Vocal Projection, Clarity of speech, and the ability to interpret drama.

Courses List:

There are various types of Courses in acting. They are:

  • Part-time Certificate Course
  • Advanced Weekend Programme
  • Weekend Workshop
  • Customised workshops

Short Courses:   

There are some Short Courses. Here is the list of the Courses along with their Fee Details is provided:

  • Story writing for Cinema:

Fee: 12,5000/-

  • Fundamentals of Cinematic storytelling

Fee: 500/-

Certificate in Film Acting:

This is the Certification Course. After the Course, certification for Acting will be provided.

Duration: 24 weeks


The objectives of the Course are:

  • Introduction to grammar of filmmaking
  • Acting in front of Camera & on Stage
  • Spontaneous Acting Vs. Method Acting (An Introduction)
  • Characterization, Scene Analysis, Identifying beats
  • Relaxation Techniques, Blocking and Movement
  • Mime, Imitation, Improvisation
  • Voice Training
  • Dance & Fitness
  • Modeling
  • VJing
  • Grooming & Make-up
  • Auditioning for a role
  • Responsibilities of an Actor on a Set
  • Communicating with the Director and other technicians

Fee Structure:  

The fee will be Rs. 1, 20,000 (including taxes) + 10,000 (security deposit) paid over three installments.

Diploma in Film Acting:

Duration of this course is 6 Months


Here is the Syllabus of Acting Courses

VOICE & SPEECH – How voice work, (why the voice does not work) The Freeing process (The spine, the support of breath)

BREATHING – The source of Sound The touch of Sound Vibration that amplify the initial sound The channel of Sound Releasing voice from the body – range 4 Breathing power, the Centre Articulation of vocal development Relaxation & breathing Muscularity & words The whole voice & the using of voice Rhythm, timing and singing

CULTURAL HERITAGE – Those of us who now stay in this world are in many ways connected to all those who lived here before us. We may have new technologies and modern conveniences but we share the same heart, space and energy or life force that flowed through their bodies. The observation of life’s greatest lessons is for us to read & listen to and be aware of our heritage Indian history provides the understanding of our land, society, religion, political development from ancient to modern times and illustrate richness of our Folk Culture.

COMPUTER APPLICATION – To explain in simple language how computer work and how to write a simple program in BASIC. How Computer can be made use of in various fields of human activity including in Cinema & T.V: Awareness about Computers and their capability, Various components of Computer, Flowcharts & problem solving with Computers, Data storage & representation within a Computer, Software describing need for Computer language, Broad overview of application in various fields including Arts, Making of Power point Presentations

Top 10 Acting Schools in Mumbai:

Mumbai is the location and Center for the Acting. Here is the list pdf about Top 10 institutes in Mumbai.

  1. Actor Studio India : Method Acting Training School By Actor Gaurav Nanda
  3. Roshan Taneja School of Acting
  4. The Drama School
  5. Actor Prepares
  6. Theatre Acting Workshop
  7. Actor Prepares – Andheri
  8. Acting Institute
  9. Barry John Acting Studio Mumbai
  10. The School For Actors – Actor Prepares

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