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Hello every one. All of us dream to have a wonderful career in our hand and keep it to be more status full. Getting a job placement for Procter and gamble so called P&G is not an easy task; more and more hard copy is to be made by the aspirant. Many of us don’t know the complete details regarding the organisation. Today I feel very privileged to discuss with you regarding the topics like Procter and gamble careers, Procter and gamble jobs, Procter and gamble India, P&G careers, P&G recruitment and many more.

About Procter and Gamble India:

Procter & Gamble Co., very popularly known as P&G, is an American multinational  consumer goods company which was headquartered in Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America.It was founded by two different persons named William Procter and James Gamble. The company manufactures products like cleaning agents and personal care products. Prior to the sale of Pringles to the Kellogg Company, its product line also included foods and beverages.In 2014, P&G recorded $83.1 billion in sales. On 1st August 2014, P&G announced it was streamlining the company, dropping around 100 brands and concentrating on the remaining 65 brands,which produced 95% of the company’s profits. A.G. Lafley worked as the company’s chairman, president, and CEO until October 31, 2015, said that the future Procter and gamble careers would be “a much simpler, much less complex company of leading brands that’s easier to manage and operate”. David Taylor became the next P&G CEO and President effective from 1st November, 2015.

Procter and Gamble Jobs:

Candidates willing to apply for the Procter and gamble careers may select for any one of the categories to work in P&G careers.

  • Administration.
  • Communications.
  • Design.
  • Engineering.
  • Finance & Accounting.
  • Human resources.
  • Information technology.
  • Legal.
  • Logistics/Supply Network operations.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Market Research/consumer & Market Knowledge.
  • Marketing/Brand management.
  • Purchasing.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Research and development.
  • Sales.

Procter and Gamble Careers:

Candidates willing to apply for the Amdocs India careers must be certified with not less than 60% in any of the below stated qualifications.

  • Graduation.
  • Post-Graduation.
  • MBA.
  • MCA.
  • Tech.

P&G recruitment: P&G careers

hiring process is very rigorous.Throughout the process of recruitment you’ll experience standardized assessment and an interviewing framework designed to identify your unique strengths and provide a comprehensive overview of your skill, experiences and abilities.

  • Application: You can search and apply for jobs as well as learn more about P&G and our people at Once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted regarding next steps.
  • Assessment: P&G recruitment uses online assessments to measure skills and accomplishments that generally do not emerge from interviews. These assessments are critical as they help determine if it is equally beneficial for you to continue through the hiring process.
  1. Success Drivers Assessment (Online).
  2. Reasoning Screen (Online).
  3. Reasoning Test (In-Person).
  • Internal interview: Procter and gamble India uses behavioural-based interviews to get to know you. The real you. What makes you sick? What have you accomplished so far? This is also your opportunity to find out all about us. We believe two-way communication starts from day one, so ask away.
  • Final interview: In addition to more behavioural-based interviews, Procter and gamble careers go into greater detail around your skills and capabilities. Taking place either on campus or on-site at P&G, it’s also your opportunity to get a more in-depth understanding of Procter and gamble jobs unique culture, values and endless opportunities.
  • Congratulations! You’ve proven you have a lot to offer. We look forward to welcoming you to Procter and gamble India, where you will work and grow alongside highly talented people, face new and exciting challenges, and touch and improve the lives of the world’s consumers every day.


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