JNTUH Courses – List of courses, Mode of Course, Duration and etc.

Are you an intermediate completed student? And you are looking forward to getting into the best career academic opportunity to continue in your studies?

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUH) is one of the popular and reputed university in Hyderabad city, Telangana State, India.

Students who happened to know about this university and want to join this university are searching for complete details of the courses which are offered by this JNTUH.

JNTUH offering different types of courses like under graduated degree courses, postgraduate degree course, 5 years integrated dual degree program, and some of the research programs.

In this posting, readers will come to know all the details like JNTUH Courses, Mode, of course, Duration and etc.

JNTUH Courses

List of JNTUH Courses as Follows

  • B.Tech
  • M.Tech
  • M.Sc
  • MCA
  • MBA

The above mentioned are the main courses offering in the university. In some of these courses, there are having separate branches to study. Students can choose a particularly interesting field to study and get succeeded.

Let us now see the information about each course in detail


B.Tech is nothing but Bachelor of Technology. The sub-branches in this B.Tech course offered by JNTUH are:

Branch CodeName of the BranchShort NameType of Degree(UG/PG)Course Duration
1Civil EngineeringCEU.G.4 Years
2Electrical & Electronics EngineeringEEEU.G.4 Years
3Mechanical EngineeringMEU.G.4 Years
4Electronics & Communications EngineeringECEU.G.4 Years
5Computer Science and EngineeringCSEU.G.4 Years
17Metallurgical EngineeringMTEU.G.4 Years
8Chemical EngineeringCHEMU.G.4 Years


MCA is nothing but Master of Computer Applications. MCA is a P.G. program with 3 years of course duration. This is one of the P.G. course offered by JNTUH.

Course NameFull FormDepartmentCourse TypeDurationCourse Code
MCAMaster of Computer ApplicationsComputer Science & EngineeringU.G.3 Years00


M.Sc. is nothing but Masters of Science. This is P.G. program offering in JNTUH. With a course duration of 2 years.

BranchDepartmentCourse TypeDurationMode of Course
Applied MathematicsMathematicsP.G.2 YearsRegular
Fiber Optics and CommunicationPhysicsP.G.2 YearsRegular
Drugs & PharmaceuticalsChemistryP.G.2 YearsRegular
Organic ChemistryChemistryP.G.2 YearsRegular


M.Tech is nothing but Masters of Technology. This is a UG programme offered in many of the colleges. Let us see in detail branches offered in M.Tech Course in JNTUH.

BranchDepartmentCourse TypeDuration
Systems & Signal ProcessingElectronics & Communication EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Embedded SystemsElectronics & Communication EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Computer ScienceComputer Science & EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Computer Science & Information EngineeringComputer Science & EngineeringP.G.2 Years
MetallurgyMetallurgical EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Energy SystemsMechanical EngineeringP.G.2 Years
 Digital Systems & Computer ElectronicsElectronics & Communication EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Advanced Manufacturing SystemsMechanical EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Transportation EngineeringCivil EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Thermal EngineeringMechanical EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Geo-Technical EngineeringCivil EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Electrical Power EngineeringElectrical & Electronics EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Infrastructure EngineeringCivil EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Power ElectronicsElectrical & Electronics EngineeringP.G.2 Years
Structural EngineeringCivil EngineeringP.G.2 Years
M.Tech. Engineering DesignMechanical EngineeringP.G.2 Years

Integrated Dual Degree Programs in JNTUH

IDP Program NameDuration of ProgramCourse TypeCourse Mode
Computer Science and Engineering + M.Tech.5 YearsU.G. + P.G.Regular
. Computer Science and Engineering + MBA5 YearsU.G. + P.G.Regular
Electrical & Electronics Engineering + M.Tech5 YearsU.G. + P.G.Regular
. Civil Engineering + M.Tech5 YearsU.G. + P.G.Regular
Mechanical Engineering + M.Tech5 YearsU.G. + P.G.Regular
. Mechanical Engineering + MBA5 YearsU.G. + P.G.Regular
Electronics & Communications Engineering + M.Tech.5 YearsU.G. + P.G.Regular
. Electrical & Electronics Engineering + MBA5 YearsU.G. + P.G.Regular
Electronics & Communications Engineering + MBA5 YearsU.G. + P.G.Regular
Civil Engineering + MBA5 YearsU.G. + P.G.Regular

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