JAVA Course Details – Eligibility, Requirement, Duration, Course Fee, Syllabus, Classification and etc.

Java is an object-oriented, platform-independent language. Java programming is now the most popular language in the world of information technology including Android-based mobile platform. For seamless use of this programming language, proper Java programming training and certification is required for EC Council Training, Java EE training, Java SE training, etc.

Here we have provided the complete information of Java Language like Course Details – Fee, Duration, and Salary & Job Options. This Article explains the JAVA Course Details of Course fee structure, Duration of the course, Java Certificate holder jobs and salaries.

JAVA Course Details

JAVA Course Details

Full formJava Language
Language TypeProgramming Language
EligibilityNo particular eligibility is needed
RequirementBasic knowledge of Computers
Course Duration4 months
Course Fee OfferedRs. 2000 to Rs.5000
Course TypeCertification
Starting salary offeredRs 10,000 to15,000
Advance CoursesJava+, Python
Similar CourseC, C++
Employment opportunitiesJava Developer, Android Software Developer, Software Engineer


No particular eligibility is needed for this JAVA course. Students who are having good knowledge of Computers can do this course. And the candidates who are having a basic knowledge of C language and as well as C++ language can do this java course very easily.

Duration and Fee Structure

To learn this JAVA programming language it takes 4 months of duration. Fee Structure is varying between 2000 rupees to 5000 rupees. This is the normal fee structure and varies from institute to institute.

Salaries offered of Java Language Programmer

Java developer salary is between Rs 320K and Rs 600K yearly but varies from company to company with a different salary package. People in this job usually don’t have more than 10 years’ experience. But the salary package for experienced candidates is higher than freshers.

Java Certification

Official Java Certifications

Java was taken over by Oracle in 2010, so its certifications are now governed and provided by Oracle Inc.

  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): First level of certification indicating a good basic understanding of the language.
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): A benchmark for professionals in the field of Java programming.
  • Oracle Certified Master (OCM): A highly skilled and experienced java programmer
  • Oracle Certified Expert (OCE): A complete expert in Java programming and its architecture.

Types of certifications are available for mobile Java developers

  • Various Android Training and Certification courses are available to us for mobile Java programming.
  • Professional Android Apps development, Android wearable, Android NDK, ATC Monetize Android application, etc. are some of the best Java programming training courses to become professional Java developer.
  • These courses and certifications are authorized by Android, so these are valid all over the globe.

JAVA Certification and its Value

  • As we know that this JAVA Course is most reputed and popular course and this JAVA programming language is trusted all over the world.
  • Many numbers of students opt for this course. JAVA Course owns first priority in the market.
  • Though there is an increase in usage of mobile devices, the applicability of JAVA has been increasing rapidly.
  • If you own the certification JAVA programming language anywhere the value certification increases.
  • Java progress in different Java Platforms are like Java SE, Java EE, and Java for Android are already very popular.

 JAVA Language Certificate holder can become

  • Java Developer
  • Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer
  • Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer
  • Web application developer
  • Java spring developer
  • Android Software Developer
  • Java EE application engineer

To Know More Refer this link Click Here.

JAVA Syllabus

Unit 1: Introduction to Java ProgrammingUnit 2: Object-oriented programming with Java Classes and Objects
Sub TopicsSub Topics
Variables and data typesFields and Methods
The Java Virtual MachineOverloading methods
ArraysGarbage collection
Conditional and looping constructsConstructors
Nested classes


Unit 3: InheritanceUnit 4: Exception handling with try-throw-catch-finally constructs


The Exception class

Making methods and classes final
Abstract classes and methods
Overriding methods


Unit 5: The Object classUnit 6: Working with types: Wrapper classes


Enumeration interface


Cloning objects
The JDK Linked List class
String conversions


Unit 7: PackagesUnit 8: Applets
Documentation commentsApplet capabilities and restrictions
Package accessConfiguring applets


Unit 9: Basics of AWT and SwingUnit 10: Threads
Event Handling 





Using menus
Layout Managers
Dialogs and frames
The Action Listener interface
Using the adapter classes
Classes for various controls, such as label, choice, list, Checkbox, etc.


Unit 11: The I/O PackageUnit 12: Basic concepts of networking
Reader and Writer classesConcepts of URLs
Input Stream and Output Stream classesWorking with URLs


Unit 13: Database connectivity with JDBC
Java Security

Above mentioned are the syllabus of JAVA Course details this may vary from institute to institute.

Classification of Java

Popularity, usability and industry demand, Java has many factors based on those JAVA can be categorized under the following sections:

Client-side Java development: This section of java is based on developing software and program modules that can run on the client side to support its daily operations.

E.g. SAP

Server-side Java development: This section of java is based on developing codes that can enable others to access dedicated servers designed to perform specific tasks.

E.g. creating a stand-alone database server

Web Development: Java libraries are also extended to Java server pages (JSP) that helps in rich content development for Web

Mobile Development: Java is actively implemented as a standard language for developing mobile operating systems and applications.

E.g. Android

Machine learning through Java: Recent advancement in Java is in the direction of Machine learning which has helped in building and supporting several electronic devices ranging from Space shuttles to CT scan machines.

All the above details above furnished are very much use full for the students or candidates who are showcasing their interest in learning this particular JAVA Course. Follow the JAVA Course Details mentioned above and get an idea join and get into the software field.



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