GlobalLogic Careers – Org Details – Jobs – Selection Process Etc.

Are you interested in learning how a Harmonic development is done in the industries? Then let me introduce you a major Company which was so called Global Logic. Today in this session let us learn the methods how a tightly integrated partnership with GlobalLogic is helping to develop the economy, GlobalLogic Careers, GlobalLogic walk-in, GlobalLogic recruitment, GlobalLogic technologies, GlobalLogic jobs and many more.

About GlobalLogic Careers

GlobalLogic was initially recognised to as ‘Indus logic’ in 2000, which was headquartered in Vienna, Virginia. It has a delivery centre in Noida, India. The main funding will be from New Atlantic Ventures. In 2002, the company appointed Mr. Peter Harrison as CEO, and Vasudev Bhandarkar joined GlobalLogic Careers as its first Independent Board Member in 2004. GlobalLogic recruitment is an offshore software Research & Development services company founded by Rahul Garg, Sanjay Singh, Manoj Agarwal, and Tarun Upadhyay. GlobalLogic walk-in a privately held company funded by Apax Partners. It provides full-lifecycle product development services, including experience design, product engineering, content engineering, and labs. GlobalLogic jobs specializes in big data and analytics, cloud, design, DevOps, embedded, Internet of Things, mobile, and security practices. GlobalLogic technologies interview process works with both start-ups and mature product and services companies in the automotive, finance, media and communications, hi-tech, medical technology, and retail industries.

GlobalLogic technologies interview process

GlobalLogic jobs conducts GlobalLogic recruitment in four rounds which was in detail explained below.

  • Application was to be submitted online and the GlobalLogic Careers short lists the applications according to the educational background.
  • Second round in GlobalLogic walk-in consists of JAM test, it was quite easy & clear.
  • Thirdly GlobalLogic technologies interview process conducts an Aptitude test.
  • Finally GlobalLogic Careers conducts HR Interview upon qualifying in the above said examinations.

GlobalLogic Jobs

Aspirants interested to apply for GlobalLogic walk-in need to work for any one of the categories explained hereby.

  • Administration.
  • Finance and legal.
  • HR and talent acquisition.
  • Maintenance and support.
  • Management.
  • Project and program management.
  • Sales & Marketing.
  • Software architecture.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Support and Professional Services.
  • System and Network Administration.
  • Testing and quality assurance.
  • User experience and design.

GlobalLogic recruitment

GlobalLogic walk-in is looking for people from varied backgrounds and qualification in Accounting, Finance, Tax, Law, Management, Engineering, Economics, Technology, Medical, Statistics, Mathematics with a minimum of Graduation or Post Graduation in that concerned fields. Kindly check in the required educational qualification before applying for the vacancy notification in GlobalLogic jobs.

GlobalLogic technologies interview process: Kindly check in the official webpage of GlobalLogic recruitment to find out the latest vacancy posts in GlobalLogic Careers.


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