Dot Net Course Details – Types, Eligibility, Duration, Fee, Syllabus, Institutes, Jobs, Salary and many more

Many of the students are thinking about the best course to learn to settle their career in the best field. Dot net is one of the best courses to learn. We can say that it is an advanced course to gain knowledge in it. We know that many of the students are showing interest to learn java course. The next and the best priority goes to this Dot Net Course. In this posting, you will come to know all the details of Dot Net Course Details, Eligibility, Fee Structure, Syllabus, Jobs, Salary, Top Institutes and etc.

Dot Net Course DetailsDot Net Course Details

.NET benefits end-users by providing applications of higher capability, quality, and security. Let us see in detail about the Dot Net Course as follows.

Types of Dot Net course:

There are different types of Frameworks available in Dot Net. They are

  • ASP . Net
  • C#. Net etc.


Candidates those who are non IT but interested in Dot Net can do the courses. The Eligibility criteria for doing Dot Net Course is

  • IT students
  • Professionals
  • Engineering Graduate

Dot Net Course Duration

Interested students can learn this Dot Net course in 2 terms as follows.

  • Short term course duration of 45 days.
  • Long-term course duration of 3 months.

Dot Net Fee Structure:

  • Based on the institute and institute this Dot Net Course fee varies.
  • And may depends on Duration, Experience of Faculty and etc.
  • Interested candidates can choose their course learned institute based on their capability to pay the fee.
  • 10,000/- to 20,000/- is the range of this Dot Net Course Fee.
  • Some institutes provide training for this Dot Net course starting to range from 4000/-

Dot Net Course Syllabus

Here you can see the overall Syllabus for Dot Net Courses

  • Introduction to Networking and the World Wide Web.
  • Introduction to the .NET framework.
  • RESTful, SOAP, DISCO, and UDDI.
  • .NET Interoperation services.
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services.
  • Client side programming: HTTP, CGI, Cookies, JavaScript, HTML, XML.
  • Server side programming: Web Forms, ASP.NET Web Services, ADO.NET Data Access
  • Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Client/Server Programming, 3-tier architecture.
  • .NET Remoting.
  • Building multi-tier enterprise applications.
  • NET Web services and web service security.
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development with HTML5 and Phone Gap

Let us See Some More Contents of Dot Net Course

  • MS SQL
  • WCF
  • NET
  • C#
  • SOA
  • NET
  • UML

Best Institutes Offering This Course

Choosing the Institute for taking training for this Dot Net course is the main task for interested candidates. They have to look forward and consider all the aspects of Faculty Experience, Placement Assurance, Certifications Provided and etc. all while choosing the institutes. Let us see some of the institutes providing this Dot Net Course Details as follows.

  • Naresh IT Ameer pet Hyderabad and Vijayawada
  • Arcus Institute Hyderabad
  • Deccan Soft Hyderabad
  • Pioneer world school Hyderabad etc.

Not only the above-mentioned institutes are offering Dot Net Course but also some more institutes offering this course. Once Check out for those.


The .net Course Certificate will be provided for the candidates after the successful completion of the course. Those who were certified can get various job opportunities such as

  • .Net Developer
  • Web application developer
  • .Net Programmer
  • NET MVC developer
  • .NET application engineer
  • .NET developer with MVC
  • Windows store app developer


A professional Dot Net Developer can get a salary range of 3 Lakh per annum.

All the above information gives you a clear cut idea on the Dot Net Course Details. Choose the best institute of your interest. Be a Dot Net Professional.

Best of Luck


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