Best Career Courses after 12th – Colleges, Exams, Career Options

Are you wondering to choose best career courses after 12th? Many Students are in confusion regarding the career option what to be chosen after 12th. There are plenty of courses who can opt for.

One need to be very careful about what courses to be selected after 12th. The step which you have taken after 12th will be the turning point for your career.

Best Career Courses after 12th

Degree Courses offered by university or an institution of higher education. These Courses provide you the degree of under graduation.

If you have done 10+2 then you are eligible to degree courses in Arts , Science or Commerce etc. Here are the list of best Career Courses after 12th  .

Best Courses after 12th for students with Mathematics in 12th.

1. Technical Courses

– If you want to become an Engineer, this is the course you must select after 12th Science (Mathematics Group). The Bachelor’s course duration is 4 years (8 semesters). After Bachelor’s course, the usual PG course that one may do is M.Tech. (Master’s Level). Even management course like MBA/ Law course like LL.B. can be done after Graduation. Here are some well known Engineering Branches–

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • IT Engineering
  • IC Engineering
  • EC Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Biotechnology Engineering
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Plastics Engineering
  • Food Processing and Technology
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Dairy Technology and Engineering
  • Agricultural Information Technology
  • Power Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Motorsport Engineering
  • Metallurgy Engineering
  • Textile Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Marine Engineering (for merchant navy career)
  • Naval Architecture.

2. Diploma (Technical)

– After 12th Science, students may also go for Diplomaversion of the above mentioned Engineering courses. Diploma course will last 3 years. After completing Diploma, students may get admission in Bachelor’s Degree Engineering program using the Lateral Entry! Here are some well known Diploma courses-

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  • Diploma in Mining Engineering
  • Diploma in Computer Science Engineering
  • Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • Diploma in EC Engineering
  • Diploma in IC Engineering
  • Diploma in Metallurgy
  • Diploma in Sound Engineering

3. Science Courses

Students who are interested in pursuing Pure Science courses may go for B.Sc. courses. B.Sc. course lasts for 3 years. After Graduation, the common PG course that students take is- M.Sc. It is also possible to pursue other PG courses like MBA and LL.B. also. Some well known B.Sc. programs for Mathematics Group students is-

  • B.Sc. Agriculture
  • B.Sc. Horticulture
  • B.Sc. Forestry
  • B.Sc. IT
  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Mathematics
  • B.Sc. Physics
  • B.Sc. Hotel Management
  • B.Sc. Nautical Science
  • B.Sc. Electronics
  • B.Sc. Electronics and Communication
  • B.Sc. Biotechnology
  • BCA (similar to B.Sc. course structure)

4. Law Courses

After 12th Science, students are eligible to go for Law Education in the Integrated course format. Integrated Law course lasts 5 years. Some popular Integrated Law courses for Science stream student are –

  • B.Sc. + LL.B.
  • B.Tech. + LL.B.
  • B.Com. + LL.B.
  • BBA + LL.B.

5Management Courses

Science stream students who are not interested in Technical or Science courses may go for Management Courses . Some well known Management Courses to do after 12th  are

  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
  • Integrated BBA + MBA program (5 years duration)
  • BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
  • Retail Management (Diploma)

6Designing Courses

Diploma (Bachelor of Design courses), Degree as well as Certificate courses related to the field of Designing can also be pursued by Science stream students. Some such well known courses are-

  • Bachelor of Interior Designing
  • Bachelor of Design (Accessory)
  • Bachelor of Design (Leather)
  • Bachelor of Textile Design
  • Bachelor of Product Design
  • Furniture and Interior Design course.

7. Fashion Courses

  • Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology.
  • Bachelor of Fashion Communication.

8. Other Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma Courses

  • Com. (relevant fields like statistics)
  • B Social Work
  • Mass Communication and Journalism
  • Animation and Multimedia
  • Performing Arts
  • Language Courses (Foreign Languages are promising)
  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Diploma in Education Technology
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Fire Safety and Technology
  • Diploma in Film Making and Video Editing
  • Air Hostess/Cabin Crew training course
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Bachelor of Statistics
  • BA (relevant fields)
  • CMA (Certified Management Accountant)
  • CA (Chartered Accountancy)
  • Actuarial Science
  • CS (Company Secretary Course)

9. Education/Teaching Courses

  • El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education, 4 years long course)
  • Integrated B.Ed. program
  • Diploma in Elementary Education
  • P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education)
  • Primary Teachers Training course (can follow it up with B.Ed.)

Best Courses after 12th for students with Biology in 12th

1. Bachelor’s Degree Courses

  • Medicine – MBBS
  • Dental Science – BDS
  • AyurVeda – BAMS
  • Homeopathy – BHMS
  • Pharmacy
  • Pharm D
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Science Courses – Some well Known B.Sc courses lasting a period of 3 years,which suits Biology Group Students are –
  • B.Sc. Biochemistry
  • B.Sc. Biology
  • B.Sc. Physics
  • B.Sc. Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Environmental Science
  • B.Sc. Biotechnology
  • B.Sc. Nursing
  • B.Sc. Occupational Therapy
  • B.Sc. Physiotherapy
  • B.Sc. Radiology
  • B.Sc. Bioinformatics
  • B.Sc. Anthropology
  • B.Sc. Microbiology
  • B.Sc. Zoology
  • B.Sc. Forensic Science
  • B.Sc. Agriculture
  • B.Sc. Pathology
  • B.Sc. Speech Therapy
  • F.Sc. (Fisheries Science)
  • B.Sc. Horticulture
  • B.Sc. Genetics
  • B.Sc. Health Science and Nutrition
  • B.Sc. Sports Science
  • B.Sc. Audiology
  • B.Sc. Botany

2. Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses suitable for Biology Group Students

  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Diploma in Education Technology
  • Diploma in Dairy Technology

3.Law Courses

After 12th Science Biology Group also, students are eligible to go for Law Education in the Integrated course format. Integrated Law course lasts 5 years. Some popular Integrated Law courses for Science stream Biology Group student are –

  • B.Sc. + LL.B.
  • B.Com. + LL.B.
  • BBA + LL.B.

4.Management Courses

Science stream students who are not interested in Medicine can also go for management courses after 12th. Here are the courses

  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
  • Integrated BBA + MBA program (5 years duration)
  • BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
  • Retail Management (Diploma)

Best Courses after 12th for the Arts Students

After 12th, Arts stream students also have the opportunity to pursue traditional Arts stream oriented courses as well as courses from other sectors such as- management, Law, Fashion, Designing, Social Works, Education and technical course like Architecture!

1. Bachelor of  Arts

The most popular choice among Arts stream students who have passed 12th standard. Numerous options exists, when it comes to BA course. Let us check out some of the best BA programs available out there –

  • BA in History and Archaeology
  • BA in Hindi
  • BA in Humanities
  • BA in Finance
  • BA in Foreign Languages (example- French)
  • BA in Regional Languages (example- Malayalam)
  • BA in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • BA in Visual Communication
  • BA in Literature
  • BA in Philosophy
  • BA in Music
  • BA in Theatre
  • BA in Yoga and Naturopathy
  • BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • BA in Library Science
  • BA in Photography
  • BA in Applied Science
  • BA in Advertising
  • BA in Fine Arts
  • BA in Mathematics
  • BA in Retail Management
  • BA in Fashion Merchandising
  • BA in Culinary Sciences
  • BA in Anthropology
  • BA in Home Science
  • BA in Hotel Management
  • BA in Computer Applications
  • BA in Finance and Insurance
  • BA in Interior Designing
  • BA in Psychology
  • BA in Economics
  • BA in Animation and Multimedia

Correspondence Courses

Correspondence Courses- Also known as distance learning courses, these types of courses are suitable if you do not have time to attend the regular classes because of your job or any other limitation. You can choose degree courses to pursue through correspondence.

Online Courses

Similar to correspondence course, the online courses don’t require regular classes to attend. The classes are taken in a virtual classroom through internet or students are provided with simulations to work upon. These types of courses have started gaining popularity now. Courses like digital marketing and IT service management are provided online to the students.

Hope the information in this article will help you to step for the best career course  after 12th  which becomes the turning point for your career. So be very careful and seek advice from your elders,lecturers  to choose the best career . Give a good and best start to your career.



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