Get Airtel Sim PUK Code to Unblock your Airtel Sim Card

Airtel Sim Puk Code: Hi, guys are you suffering about the locked mobile number by the Airtel PUK Code lock? Not getting the solution for how to unlock it? From now onwards don’t worry about it here you can get the solution for unlocking the PUK code for your mobile number. So many mobile users want to keep their data in privacy, so they want to keep a lock to their SIM by SIM lock. After a long time when the SIM reinserted in any other mobile or in the same mobile for any other purpose they are requested for the PIN number which is activated before a long time ago. When the user tries to wrong attempt this PIN number more than three times then the SIM will automatically undergo into PUK lock.

Airtel PUK Code


PUK means ‘Personal Unblocking Code’ and it is unique for each and every SIM number. For Airtel customers, there are two ways for unlocking this PUK. If the user wants to try even more wrong attempt of this PUK code up to ten times then the SIM card should be permanently blocked. There is no way to get the data/ contacts stored in it so be careful when your SIM got locked by the PUK. This PUK number should contain 4-8 digits. Before going to the process you have to note down the 15 digit number presented behind the SIM card, recollect the data of the SIM card owner, i.e. name and address of the SIM card holder that is to be matched with the proof that was given at the time of purchasing of SIM. Hence you can follow any one of the procedures given below:

  1. Unlock Airtel PUK code through message
  2. Unlock Airtel PUK code through a call to Customer care


Here you have some steps to follow for unlocking your Airtel SIM –

Step 1: Note down the requirements that were intimated above.

Step 2: Take another mobile number having service provider as Airtel.

Step 3: Now type (the locked one) your mobile number and send it to 785.

Step 4: After that Type PUK><Space>< 15-digit SIM number (printed backside of the SIM) and SMS to 121.

Step 5: here you can get the reply message with an 8- digit unlocking code and enter the code into locked mobile.

Step 6: here you got unlocked the Airtel PUK code.

Note that you have to follow this procedure from another Airtel mobile number rather than the locked one.


You can easily unlock the Airtel PUK lock by this procedure. The simple thing you have to do is just follow the steps mentioned below for unlocking the Airtel SIM.

Step 1: Take another airtel mobile number which is in normal condition.

Step 2: make a call to the customer care number 121.

Step 3: Carefully listen to the IVRS system and select the PUK option.

Step 4: Make a request for the PUK code for your SIM number/ mobile number.

Step 5: provide the answers for the customer care questions like the name of card holder, address, 15-digit SIM number which is printed on the backside of the SIM.

Step 6: Please note down the PUK code given by them and enter the code in your locked mobile to unlock it.

Here the Airtel network is offering the feature to get the PUK code by online. Simply just visit the Airtel my account page and enter your mobile number to register an account or if you have an account then sign in to it. Enter into the website home page there you can see different tabs now choose the manage service tab and in that make a click on PUK details. There you can see the PUK number for your mobile number. Note that it is the procedure to follow before the phone gets locked by PUK.

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  1. Good evening to my good customer service, please I need your help urgently, one of my Airtel Sim card is demanding for puk number please help, it’s very important I don’t want to loose my sim

  2. I got the puk code but it’s rather useless because I can’t find where to input it on my phone. Guidance would be appreciated


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